Stop Illegal Cockfights


Target: Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture

Goal: Implement stronger anti-cockfighting laws.

Cockfighting is a brutal and pointless sport that has killed too many roosters, and even the ones who don’t die have their quality of life severely lowered due to injuries incurred in these fights.

This sport has been around for centuries, considered a tradition among sports fans who are reluctant to see it go away entirely. However, there is absolutely no reason for such a sport to exist. It is needlessly cruel to the roosters bred for and forced into these matches, it offers nothing but monetary gain and the wrong kind of entertainment. Young children are often present at these matches, sending them the message that violence against animals is acceptable. People sacrifice the lives of innocent birds to win cash prizes, and exploiting animals for the sake of monetary gain is inhumane.

As of right now, cockfighting is illegal in all 50 states, but this has done little to stop illegal fights from taking place in states such as Ohio and New York. Over 3,000 birds were rescued from illegal cockfights in 2014 alone, and there are still reports of fights being held in underground locations even now.

People finding ways to sneak around the law is nothing new, but for the sake of the roosters who’ve suffered and died from this barbaric practice, these laws must be strengthened. Laws passed to protect living creatures are highly important, no matter how big or small the creature. Sign this petition to ensure no more cockfights take place in the United States.


Dear Mr. Vilsack,

The laws against cockfighting need to be strengthened. Too many underground cockfights have taken place in the United States recently despite the sport being outlawed for the past several years. Too many roosters are suffering due to people’s greed, it sends the negative message to children that violence against animals is acceptable for entertainment and for the sake of earning quick cash.

Laws made to protect animals should be as strong as possible, with no room for anyone to sneak around them. Cockfighting may be a centuries-old tradition, but that doesn’t make it acceptable. It is unfair to the birds forced to participate in this sport that people continue to break the law. Please implement stronger punishments and fines for people who violate these regulations.


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Photo Credit: Felix Francis

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  1. Why wont human stop exploiting animals for monetary gain? Indeed the laws against cockfighting need to be strengthened. It will be beneficial to both these suffering roosters and children as well.

  2. Leave the birds alone — STOP abusing them — get your ridiculous jollies NOT using animals in any way or form.

    Get some rationality, get some compassion, get some morals.

  3. val gaffney says:

    This sickens me and must be banned!

  4. Ruth Tekell says:

    The laws aren’t even enforced in many places! Strengthening a law that isn’t enforced won’t help.

  5. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

  6. jo bradley says:

    What a sad life some people live if they call this a sport. This is abuse and should be banned. What a bunch of cowards, this belongs in the dark ages. There should be harsh punishments and fines for anyone who participates in this vile act. Hope karma catches up with them.

  7. You have the minds of medieval morons following a medieval and abominable practice. What you do in life is who you are. Lift yourselves out of the dirt-pit and take up a hobby like animal welfare. It will make you feel better and it will not cause any pain or suffering to those who need you to care.

  8. Sophie Debbane says:

    A barbaric tradition that no longer has its use. Find another money-earning avenue.

  9. Carla Bond says:


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