Overturn All Pit Bull Bans


Target: Wayne Pacelle, CEO of the American Humane Society

Goal: Overturn the ban on pit bulls due to outdated and inaccurate notions about them being vicious killers.

Entire states are banning pit bulls due to the media’s vicious attack on their reputation. Since the 1980s, these dogs have been treated as the go-to species for attack dogs, bred and trained by humans to be cruel and aggressive and cultivating their image as dangerous predators. Because of this, there have been horror stories of pit bulls attacking people, and because of those stories the media has spread their bad reputation further, even going so far as to create anti-pit bull movements.

It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. People expect the worst from pit bulls and treat them as predators. Those looking for a tough guard dog go immediately for a pit bull and train them to attack. They breed other pit bulls to do the same, and the vicious cycle continues.

The truth is that pit bulls are not naturally inclined to be vicious. Years of breeding and training have led them to such a state, but if raised with lots of love and patience they are actually quite docile and loving. There is no such thing as a “bad dog.” Dogs only do what their human owners train and tell them to do.

Pit bulls have every right to exist and to live as freely as other dogs. It is unfair and cruel to treat them as vicious killers due to the actions and beliefs of their human owners and trainers. Sign this petition to help end the bans on this misunderstood and unfairly maligned dog.


Dear Mr. Pacelle,

Please help us overturn all statewide bans on pit bulls. These dogs have been unfairly cast as the villain among canines in our society; they are trained and used as attack dogs, but when they attack others people instantly blame the dog itself rather than the person who trained them. Humans refuse to take responsibility for the actions of their pit bulls, and as a result states are banning them based on conjecture.

Not only do we need to stop the spread of malicious slander about these dogs, but we need your help to overturn the bans and fight for better treatment of them. Please encourage all states with breed-specific legislatures to remove the ban on pit bulls.


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Photo credit: Life With Dogs

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  1. Pit Bulls are not innately vicious, and every Pit Bull has the right to freedom from oppression. THE ONLY VICIOUS KILLERS I KNOW ARE “HUMAN BEINGS”. The greatest damage being done to our planet today is that being done by humans. Please lift the ban on Pit Bulls and give these kind & beautiful canines a chance to love and live a normal life without being prejudiced.

  2. We as an intelligent, civilized society, and more importantly human beings that are given the ability to feel compassion and humanity, when we don’t understand something or we fear something or someone, including nature and various species we learn about them, we don’t kill them. We have become educated over the years to know that the behavior of any and all dogs is usually a result of a human and their ignorance and/or greed. To continue killing due to fear or ignorance and to pass it on to future generations is destructive and extremely irresponsible. Instead let’s turn our attention towards those who train these dogs to fight, with horrific neglect, starvation, torturous abuse and fighting in order to use them in illegal criminal activities. Those who participate in the cruelty and crimes are the ones who should be punished.

  3. Cynthia Mattera says:

    Cant judge a book by its cover, nor a certain breed of dog. This ban needs to be lifted. Not every pit bull, or bull terrier is vicious!! Its the OWNER who makes him/her this way!

  4. michelle taylor says:

    I loathe vile bastards who discriminate against animals.Pit bulls are actually lovely dogs.I have never met a dog that I have disliked, however I am unable to say the same about some humans!

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