Kittens Reportedly Put in Bags and Drowned Deserve Justice

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Target: Jeremy Wright, Attorney General of United Kingdom

Goal: Find and severely punish whoever put kittens in plastic bags and threw them out to die.

In just 24 hours, a litter of kittens was reportedly put in a plastic bag and thrown into the river to drown, and then a second litter tied up in a bag and dumped in a litter bin. While rescuers tried saving the 2-week-old kittens from the river, all four died. The second litter of 7- to 8-week-old kittens were saved when people heard them crying from inside the bag.

Authorities don’t believe the kitten killings are linked, even though they occurred within 24 hours of each other and only 30 miles apart, and both litters were put in plastic bags. Whether or not these sick, heinous crimes are connected, the people who committed them must be found and punished severely. It would be a tragedy for this to become a trend among kitten owners. Please sign this petition demanding that authorities utilize all resources to find and severely prosecute whoever did this.


Dear Mr. Wright,

Two litters of kittens were placed in plastic bags and thrown out to die. One litter was killed after being thrown in a river to drown and the others survived being thrown into a garbage can.

The horror these poor kittens endured is unimaginable. We urge you to stop at nothing to find whoever did this and severely punish them so that this doesn’t become a trend.


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Photo credit: Cavale Doom

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  1. Cynthia Mattera says:

    If you don’t want kittens, get your cat spayed!!!! What you did was cruel and sick, and I pray they find you and throw your ass in jail. What you did is disgusting and sick!!! Poor kittens…rest in peace !

  2. Todd Fletcher says:

    We need to find this sorry ass pos!

  3. Lynne danieli says:

    Disgusting humans! How can anyone be so cruel,just vile scum!!! Whoever did this wicked crime needs to be found and punished severely and prevent themm from doing this agaiin!!!!

  4. Celeste H. says:

    Human persons have a problem on this Earth — we need to have
    humane animal education taught in all of our schools, from the
    first grade and up to the university level — and then cruelty
    against animals needs to be made an actual CRIME that is
    enforced and punished, so that society gets the message that human beings can’t just go around doing whatever they want to animals, and facing no repercussions for it… It’s just insane that there is so much animal cruelty in our world — we need to address it on all levels, because most of our society is treating animals as though they are disposable… We need to
    make animal abuse just as serious as any child abuse, because
    only then will society see that it’s just as wrong…. True
    compassion is compassion, whether for animal or human persons
    — and cruelty is cruelty, whether against animal or human….

  5. Abigail Ann Fanestil says:

    If a person or persons can do this to kittens, doesn’t it make you wonder what else these people are willing to do? Whomever committed these barbaric acts should be found and dealt with…for everyone’s safety, human and animal alike.

  6. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    I want these pieces of sh!t to rot in hell for this❗️?
    Signed & Shared.

  7. EVERETT halligan says:

    This is a serious crime and we are demanding that authorities utilize all resources to find and severely prosecute whoever did this. Long term Jail Time.

  8. Linda Barnett says:

    Whatever it takes to find these despicable scumbags must be done. These poor innocent and helpless little kittens must have been terrified and for those who lost their lives – there are no words! Whoever carried out these wicked acts must be found and severely dealt with before they cause any more harm to innocent and voiceless little lives.

  9. sandra mason says:

    there should be more signatures than this )-: and I wish they wouldn’t show a picture of a cat in a plastic shopping bag.. they have handles that are dangerous. it’s amazing how many people don’t realize that!

  10. Bobbie Littler says:

    I Wish People Who Are Animal Abusers Were Locked Up For Life And So That Animals Would Be Safer In A Home With Nicer Humans

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