Justice for Dog Found in Trash Bag in Sweltering Heat


Target: Vincent Price, Woodhaven Police Chief

Goal: Identify and charge person who abandoned dog in a trash bag in high temperatures and ensure they are punished to the full extent of the law.

Footage from outside an animal shelter shows a woman abandoning a dog in a crate inside a plastic trash bag outside of the closed facility. The two-year-old Yorkshire terrier was thankfully found by an employee of the Woodhaven and Trenton Animal Shelter, or else he would have likely died a horrific death, suffocating from the heat trapped inside the crate and trash bag.

On top of being abandoned in such a life-threatening and heartless manner, the dog was suffering from an injury to its back leg, matted fur and fleas. The individual responsible for this abuse must not only be immediately found and charged, she must also receive the highest punishment possible for this act of extreme cruelty, including a hefty fine and considerable jail time. It is also vital that this person be banned from keeping pets for life to ensure no other animal suffers this callous cruelty.

Sign this petition urging authorities to quickly find and charge this woman with animal abuse, as well as do everything in their power to ensure she is severely punished by law.


Dear Chief Price,

Please do everything in your power to urgently identify and charge the person responsible for inflicting horrible suffering to a young Yorkshire terrier. The animal was abandoned outside an animal shelter, confined to a crate inside a plastic trash bag. Because of extremely high temperatures, the dog would have suffocated to death had a shelter employee not found him in time.

I urge you to find the person responsible and ensure he or she receives a hefty fine and jail sentence, as well as a lifetime ban on keeping pets, to protect other animals from having to endure this kind of callous cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Woodhaven and Trenton Animal Shelter

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  1. I hope someone finds this cunt and shoves a baseball bat so far up her asshole she bleeds out

  2. Helen Golding says:

    You do the cause of Animal Welfare no good by expressing such violent sentiments. It just brings you down to the level of the perpetrator of this cruelty, and deservedly gets those of us who care about animal welfare the name of crazies who don’t need to be taken seriously. I am as angry as anyone at the way this poor dog has been mistreated, but I would not care to live in a society where what you propose being done to this woman would be acceptable. Would you want that kind of society? Really??
    The message that animal cruelty and neglect will not be tolerated by a civilized society needs to be put across by much harsher legal penalties, but this should go along with re-education of offenders. As well as punishment, this woman needs to be made to understand the sentience of animals and the unacceptability of what she has done. Best leadership and teaching is always by example; meeting violence with violence is futile, primitive and a long-bankrupt strategy.

    • Rita Campbell says:

      Don’t criticize Dan’s comment. Most of us feel this way but don’t have the courage to express it.

      Your high-and-mighty comment is even more offensive than the previous one.

      • People like this cannot be educated. They cannot be made to understand the sentience of animals because they are sociopaths that are incapable of empathy.
        They are defective and cannot be fixed.
        The best we can do (at this time) is punish them – so severely, that it will discourage them from behavior like this in the future.
        When society wises up it will realize that people like this are a danger to everyone and execute them, removing the threat permanently.

        • Yup, even people with lesser indications of a lack of empathy can’t change unless THEY want to, and that desire is usually non-existent because they JUST DON’T CARE that they’re abnormal! And medications aren’t the answer either, since THEY most often directly cause even MORE mental issues. Logistically then, I’d go for execution, since if these souls want to reincarnate again they can still do that, and hopefully come back as improved versions of themselves next time ’round!

  3. Sharon Rudyk says:

    I am heartbroken by the fact that ANY animal cruelty still goes on! How is it that our Politicians and Lawmakers haven’t gotten it yet?

  4. Bev Woodburn says:

    Catch the heartless bitch an jail this psychopathic bitch for life.
    Heartless and vile monster from hell.
    Eradicate this psychopathic bitch from the Planet.
    The Planet would be a more compassionate and caring Planet without psychopathic monsters like this human filth.

  5. I hope they catch this turd. She was driving a luxury car as well. She can afford that and treats and animal like crap. Leave her in a plastic bag in a carrier in extreme heat for a while and see how much SHE enjoys it. And please give her maximum sentence. I hope this dog recovers and finds a wonderful home. What a cutie.

  6. Alison Scott says:

    I agree with Dan something drastic has to happen to people who abuse animals. Obviously the punishment dished out is totaslly I adequate or the abuse of these wee darlings wouldn’t be continuing!

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