Don’t Block Volunteers from Caring for Starving Horses


Target: Ernie Kelty, Mercer County, Kentucky Sheriff

Goal: Allow starving horses to be fed and rescued by volunteers and charge owner for allegedly neglecting the animals.

Over 40 horses are reportedly starving in a farm while absent owners neglect to care for them, yet authorities are blocking volunteers from rescuing the suffering animals. Photographs show emaciated horses while reports note that they are not being provided with food or fresh water. Nonetheless, authorities have still not removed these animals from their unhealthy environment, stating that they are not entitled to do so without evidence from the State’s Department of Agriculture.

Locals and activists have said that “it’s unfathomable that the sheriff won’t allow someone to correctly feed and take care of the horses, let alone allow the care givers to take these horses home,” stating that the sheriff is not permitting concerned individuals to provide shelter and vet care to the animals despite plenty of people being willing to do so. These animals need to be tended to right away.

Sign this petition urging Mercer County authorities to take immediate action to rescue these neglected and starving animals, and to ensure the farm’s owners are charged for the horrific suffering these horses have endured.


Dear Sheriff Kelty,

Over 40 horses are in dire need of help at a farm in Mercer County. These animals are reportedly starving, with many of them severely emaciated and in urgent need of proper food, fresh water and veterinary care. Reports note that local authorities are blocking volunteers from caring for these suffering animals while waiting for evidence from State’s Department of Agriculture.

These animals’ lives are more important than bureaucracy and red tape and they are in urgent need of being rescued. Please take immediate action to ensure these animals do not suffer any longer or die as a result of these awful conditions. We urge you to urgently allow willing caregivers to provide food, vet care and proper shelter for these horses. The farm’s owners must also be charged for causing such intense suffering to innocent animals.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Tres Delaforce

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  1. Totally and utterly gobsmacked!
    What is wrong with photographic evidence? It is allowed in any court cases!
    OK, you all happy? Enough evidence now, these animals are so near to being “too far gone” and have to be euthanized?
    Are you all such pathetic animal haters as well?
    I think every volunteer should be taking class action against your dept for aiding and abetting to heinous animal cruelty, and the the lot of you put in jail with the ‘owners’….!!!!

  2. I’m thinking animal abuse charges need to be filed against the owner of the horses AND the sheriff. How could anyone in their right mind deny these living creatures the much needed assistance they require in order to survive?!

  3. Rosslyn and Michelle, ABSOLUTELY!! This sheriff should be charged with abuse/negligence as well!! It’s his JOB to see that these animals are taken care of and justice is served, and not only is he NOT doing the job taxpayers are paying him to do he is contributing to the suffering of these animals and endangering their lives (the longer this goes on the less chance they have of recovering and the more chance there will be of complications – such as life threatening colic – during recovery).
    He definitely could document their condition, take custody of the animals (or allow volunteers to take custody) so they could be taken care of, while he charges the owners.
    What’s with the Department of Agriculture? If they need to document the neglect/abuse they should send someone out immediately!! This is a priority!! If they are holding up the care of these horse they should be charged as well!

  4. why wait for evidence when it’s obvious that these animals need help immediately. Why do these so called authorities so hard nosed? They need
    to allow volunteers to feed,water,and take care of these horses now. The
    Department of Agriculture needs to make this a top priority. The owners
    should be brought to justice and prosecuted. This is so absurd..All persons
    involved in this issue should be charged with neglect.

  5. Bev Woodburn says:

    Ernie Kelty, Mercer County, Kentucky Sheriff must be sacked from his position. It proves what a heartless and vile monster IT is.
    He doesn,t no what compassion, empathy, respect, decency or what moral ethics mean when it comes to the need and health of innocent and defenceless sentient beings. Get rid of the heartless bastard.
    Please help these precious horses from a torturous death?

  6. I have absolutely no words for this that’s how flabbergasted i am about this situation! They all should be cared for asap!!! Please help them!! Horses are so smart and emotional they are suffering and can’t ask for help!

  7. Carla Bond says:

    You fuck sheriff are mad !! When you are sacked they must put you on an uninhabited island without food and fresh water !!!

  8. Beth Knafla says:

    Why is Kentucky so abusive to horses! They get away with soring, THE BIG LICK, horrible cruelty and now they starve horses and nobody can stop it? UNBELIEVABLE.

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