Save Dog Caged Outside in Blazing Hot Temperatures


Target: Tom Rowland, Mayor of Cleveland, Tennessee

Goal: Take dog away from owners who allegedly left her caged up in the hot sun every day.

A dog is reportedly caged up outside every day in extremely hot weather. We need to take action to ensure this dog is rescued and to further make sure that anyone responsible for committing such cruelty is immediately prosecuted.

According to reports, Tim and Valerie White only keep a small rag on top of the dog’s cage to protect her from the scorching 95 degree temperatures. It has also been reported that the dog is left alone for hours without food or water. However, the sheriff’s department apparently refuses to rescue the animal because they claim she is provided with adequate food and water. On the contrary, considering asphalt temperatures can reach 140 degrees, and that those temperatures can greatly increase a dog’s body temperature, owners should not be allowed to keep their animals caged up for long periods of time outside.

Urge the mayor and city council members to demand this dog be seized and the owners be punished if found guilty. People who keep their dogs outside in small cages don’t deserve to have them.


Dear Mayor Rowland,

Tim and Valerie White apparently keep their dog caged up in the hot sun for hours on a regular basis. If this is the case, this dog needs to immediately be rescued and the owners should be prosecuted.

The dog reportedly only has a small rag on top of his cage to keep him sheltered from the elements. Neighbors also claim the dog is always left alone without food or water. Unfortunately, the sheriff is supposedly refusing to rescue the animal because they are apparently claiming the dog is being provided with adequate care.

Contrarily, asphalt is capable of reaching 140 degree temperatures, and those temperatures oftentimes greatly raise the body temperature of animals left outdoors for long time periods. Any owner who allows their dog to live in such conditions should have their animal taken away and should further be held legally accountable for their actions.

I therefore strongly urge you to demand that this dog be seized from his owners if they are found guilty of committing such inexcusable acts of animal cruelty and to further suggest that anyone capable of acting in this manner be given a harsh legal sentence. Dogs do not deserve to be caged up and isolated by callous individuals.


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Photo Credit: Animals Asia

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  1. Albert Morgan says:

    Tennessee gets a bad rep as a backward and way behind the times. Well here’s why!

  2. These monsters need to be severely punished. They, obviously, care nothing for this poor dog, who needs a loving home–not with these sociopaths!
    Leaving a dog, alone, all day, every day, without food and water in the blistering hot sun (as evidenced by neighbors) is unconscionable! Why aren’t they in prison. They are callous criminals!

    Seize the dog, prevent them from ever having another pet.
    Tim and Valerie White are an embarrassment to the human race. They are cruel, uncaring freaks that deserve a harsh sentence.

  3. vicki ginoli says:

    let’s cage these sons of bitches up in the and put them in the yard with a tiny little rag on top without food or water all day. these people are FREAKS – they do NOT deserve to have an animal – any animal ever again if they are going to treat it like this. Are they mentally handicapped people maybe? On 2nd thought – even a special individual would know not to treat their animal this way. – this dog needs a better home than this – please try to get him out of there.

  4. Teresa DePaula says:

    If Tim & Valerie White are their real names — These people are EVIL! If they have children or grandchildren, I pray for their sanity & physical safety, as this couple has sold their soul to the Devil!

  5. kay allan says:


  6. Kathie Jones says:

    This is Felony Animal Abuse! The legal authorities need to enforce this law & not show weakness in the eyes of these abusers. Do your duty!!

  7. Come on authorities do something before it is too late and this dog is DEAD!!!! Please use common sense and help this poor baby now!!

  8. michelle taylor says:

    I would dearly love to teach these vile bastards a lesson that they would NEVER forget!! Animal abuse is not acceptable!

  9. – here you go folks – a direct email address for this moron mayor. Send your email directly and pass this email on to others who may care …

  10. Maxine Sheehan says:

    Why hasn’t someone just stolen the poor animal to save it’s suffering. I’m sure the neighbours can be out, “at the store,” during the relevant times. Somebody please do something to save this innocent. The bastard humans need shooting.

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