Live Fox Cub Fed to Hounds, Punish the Killers Now

Fox Cub by Andrew Smithson

Target:  David Shaw, Chief Constable of the West Mercia Police

Goal: Prosecute persons responsible for feeding live fox cubs to dogs.

Footage has emerged that seems to show live fox cubs being fed to dogs. The footage, allegedly from South Herefordshire Hunt Kennels, in Herefordshire, U.K. shows a man taking a fox cub into the kennels, followed by loud barking. The man is then shown disposing of the cub’s body. This practice is known as ‘cubbing,’ and is intended to teach the dogs to kill.  

Fox hunting is banned in the U.K., but hunters are allowed to pursue drag hunting — where hounds follow an artificial scent trail. Intentionally killing foxes is illegal, but accidentally killing foxes is not. There have previously been allegations that fox hunting kennels engineer ‘accidental’ encounters with foxes.

Three people have already been arrested and released on bail based on the video. The kennel has closed, and is under investigation. However, the only way to guarantee that the people responsible are prosecuted is to make it clear that cruelty against animals will not go unnoticed. Sign our petition and demand the prosecution of the people responsible for feeding fox cubs to hounds.


Dear Chief Constable Shaw,

I was sickened to see that the South Herefordshire Hunt Kennels has been practicing cubbing. I urge you to do everything in your power to ensure that those responsible are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

As you know, the practice of cubbing has been illegal in the U.K. since the 2005 fox hunting ban. Under that ban, accidental kills of foxes are legal. Since, there have been allegations that hunts have engineered “accidental kills.” Given that drag hunting is based on artificial scent, it is unclear what the purpose of cubbing is. If the purpose is to teach the hounds to hunt and kill foxes, that fact may well raise questions about any accidental fox kills at that kennel. I urge you to investigate the South Herefordshire Hunt Kennels to ensure that these cruel practices do not extend past this instance.


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Photo Credit: Andrew Smithson 

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  1. I watched the video’s it was hard to watch but this is what hunters do animals need us to stand up for them.

  2. This is horrible. What is wrong with these hunters? They are really sick and demented people. This should be outlawed. Why are we always preying on the innocent? Does society not have more productive things to do with their time. Barbarians!

  3. Bev Woodburn says:

    The heartless and vile hunters deserve to be brought to Justice and jailed for life for deliberate animal torture and suffering.
    What the fuck is wrong with these animal torturers.
    The atrocities are getting worse and the unimaginable torture and suffer being committed against the innocent continues.
    I would kill these sadistic and heartless animal torturing monsters without any sympathy. They all deserve to die the same as their innocent and helpless victims. Tear them apart and see how they like to die in unimaginable agony.
    All this torture and suffering committed against the innocent is purely for blood money and their GREED.

  4. Cyndi Palmer says:

    I guess the sadistic torture of animals is not only here in the U.S. or in Asia where companion animals (dogs and cats) are tortured before they are eaten… But also in England where I had always believed were better then this! My God, they are one of the countries that has banned the declawing of cats! Now, to learn some barbaric people had fed a live, innocent fox cub to a pack of dogs to teach them how to hunt…??!! It’s dispicable and these people should be brought to justice! Maybe the only way we will ever eliminate these horrific crimes against innocent animals is to force humans to endure the same torturous acts upon them? Maybe then they will understand it is not okay to subject an animal to intentional, horrific pain??!!

  5. renate botzler says:

    Special candle for you ? my friend
    Nature treats back now ? bastards
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Live your nightmare now ?
    Higher Justice works now ?

  6. If I watch the video I will feel anger and emotion on the same level as these baby killers. All I can do is love these innocent creatures in my heart and beg God to teach everyone to love them, too. (unfathomable bastards – it’s hard to refrain.)

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