Reverse Decision to Ban Pit Bulls


Target: Régis Labeaume, Mayor of Quebec City

Goal: Revoke ban on pit bull ownership, which will cause thousands of innocent and gentle dogs to be abandoned or killed.

Officials in Quebec City have decided to outlaw pit bull type dogs by January 1, 2017. Unfortunately, other cities in North America already have breed-specific legislation with many others set to follow suit. This is despite studies finding that bans on certain dog breeds do not reduce dog bites. Instead, it leads to shelters becoming overcrowded with gentle and innocent dogs who face being put down through no fault of their own, simply because they belong to a red-listed breed. As the SPCA explains, this ban will mean “the death of thousands of adoptable and well-behaved dogs simply because of the way they look.”

Residents must effectively abandon their dogs or face paying escalating fines. The city’s mayor has stated that “even if a pit bull has never bitten, even if he appears to be friendly, the owner has six months to get rid of it,” effectively proving how absurd and illogical this new law is. Indeed, this legislation does nothing to address the real problem behind dog bites, often tied to irresponsible pet ownership and animal abuse.

Stopping this ban will save countless dogs from suffering and death and discourage other cities from implementing similar legislation. Sign this petition urging Quebec City to reverse this senseless and harmful decision, and to work to control pet overpopulation and curb cruelty to animals instead.


Dear Mayor Labeaume,

Quebec City’s upcoming ban on pit bulls will force owners to abandon their dogs or put them down, even if that dog is “friendly” and “has never bitten.” Those unwilling to give up their cherished companions will effectively be forced to leave the city. This illogical law has caused the ire of your constituents, and rightly so as it will contribute to animal suffering while doing nothing to prevent dog bites in the city. Indeed, studies show that breed-specific legislation is ineffective, and better results are obtained through combatting animal abuse and uncontrolled dog breeding.

Forcing owners to abandon their beloved pets will not solve any issues, and will instead increase overpopulation in shelters. Please reverse the absurd decision to outlaw pit bulls and implement efficient measures of fighting irresponsible pet ownership and animal abuse instead.


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  1. michelle taylor says:

    I am disgusted with your stupid dog breed discrimination in certain states of the USA.Pit bulls are lovely dogs.I have never met a dog that I have disliked,however I am unable to say the same for humans.

  2. Todd Fletcher says:

    You need to go after the source The Owner when bad stuff happens!!!!!!

  3. Start voting these turkeys out of office. That will get their attention. All dog owners band together and eliminate these puppets.


  5. NO such thing as a bad dog just a bad OWNER !!! pitbulls are a great dog and they are smart…smarter than alot of humans !!!

  6. Vernell Smith says:

    I have alway owned large very powerful breeds, Bullmastffs, Pits, now I have a deaf Boxer, all of which can be considered on BSL. All complete marshmallows!!! The problem is not the dog but the owner. I, personally, would have no problem get a license proving I have good dogs. Take a class, whatever, bring my dogs for evaluation, but put the blame and responsibly where it belongs,with the owner. I think it would weed out at least some of the bad owners and give us responsible owners a way of keeping our dogs. I know it is not the ideal solution but it would be a start to keep the abandoned dogs and eventually the murders from happening. These are family pets, companion dogs, sevice dogs and they do not deserve to die because there are stupid people doing stupid things!!!

  7. Anita Culling says:

    There is no such thing as bad dogs, only bad owners. Please don’t make innocent dogs and their families suffer. It is wrong to take these dogs away. Please have a heart

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