Prevent Further Wolf Killings After Slaughter of Cubs

010_00368-05602 Gray wolf pups

Target: Senator Tim Corder

Goal: Enforce stronger protection of wolves in Idaho after senseless slaughter of cubs.

Recently, a litter of wolf pups in Idaho were dragged from their den and killed. This is just one more stone in an already-overflowing bucket of toxic, anti-wolf culture permeating our society. These pups did nothing wrong and didn’t deserve to die.

The Center for Biological Diversity is offering a large cash reward for those who aid in the capture, apprehension, and conviction of the killers. But this is only one small step; greater steps need to be taken to protect the wolf population as a whole.

There is no reason given for the recent killings, but it can be safely assumed it was done for no reason other than for some hunters to prove how skilled and tough they are. Hunting for sport is cruel and should have been outlawed long ago, but wolves in particular are suffering from this practice. They are seen as trophies, beasts for hunters to conquer for the sake of bolstering their own pride.

Since the killing happened in Idaho, Idaho should be the first state urged to take action against another incident like this one. Too many wolves have been slain for the sake of bragging rights among sport hunters, and when innocent cubs are taken forcibly from their home and killed for the sake of it, things have gone much too far. Strong action needs to be taken. Sign this petition to help enforce a ban on any future slaughter of wolves and to protect Idaho’s wolf population.


Dear Senator Corder,

A litter of wolf cubs were dragged from their den and slaughtered in Idaho. This killing was senseless, lacking of valid reason, and cruel. While the arrest and conviction of the killers will be a victory, more needs to be done. Wolves need to be protected from hunters looking to fill another spot on their trophy case.

Idaho specifically needs to put a ban on the slaughter of these creatures after this horrifying incident. Please enforce a legal ban on acts of violence targeting wolves. The stigma against these creatures is bad enough, but the most recent act of violence against them was needless, cruel, and disgusting. Let the capture, apprehension, and conviction of the killers be the first step toward becoming a more wolf-friendly state.


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  1. Hunters should be hunted down themselves, as the TRUE beasts they really are. Wolves are spiritually higher and more SACRED than all neanderthal-like humans who stubbornly prefer to hang on to ridiculous, harmful myths of convenience that were designed to promulgate irrational, primal fears that have NO basis in reality. When is the human species going to finally grow up, if EVER??!

  2. Sheila Menache says:

    Who could stoop to this level of cruelty – whoever you or they are – you are a disgrace to the human race – can you imagine anyone dragging these defenseless little creatures out of their den and killing them – shocking – words cannot describe my disgust

  3. Shealyn D. says:

    Everything I see on the Internet and hear about Idaho seems to be about ignorance and cruelty lately. So sad that Idaho is becoming the NEW YULIN…heartless, ignorant and baby killers. Imagine dragging babies out of their den to murder them. Wow, cowardly, weak, psychotic and ignorant hunters live in Idaho I guess. Must be great for your tourism dollars right now. Animal lovers around the world see and despise your cowardice. I know I will never visit Idaho again. Disgusting state!!!

    • Patricia Stock says:

      Have to agree with you. So many beautiful spots to see in this country but sport hunters are ruining it. I have boycotted 5 states due to their cruelty to wolves and other wildlife. I think the list is going to continue to grow.

  4. Tony DeLia Tony DeLia says:

    If you are truly outraged by this extraordinarily inhumane action then BOYCOTT IDAHO. That is the ONLY way to get the attention of the ultra conservative animal sadists that run government and permeate the state.

  5. Todd Fletcher says:

    We need to hunt down POS like this!!!!!!!

  6. Where are all these sick S.O.B.’s coming from?! Slaughtering innocent babies?!! Wolves have a very strong family unit. They are monogamous; the fathers are very involved with raising cubs; they are emotional and social animals.

    No sane person would drag cubs from their den and kill them!
    These sadistic psychopaths MUST BE FOUND and thrown in prison for a very long time!

    Protect wolves; ban their killing. There is NO excuse for such cruelty! These hunters are sickeningly barbaric monsters!

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