Don’t Kill Off Wild Animals Labeled as “Vermin”


Target: Tirath Singh Thakur, Chief Justice of India

Goal: Do not allow animals to be classified as “vermin” and culled.

Countless blue bulls, monkeys and wild boar will be cruelly culled if the decision to label them as “vermin” is not repealed. These three species have been classified as vermin after the governments of three Indian States, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, requested that they be allowed to kill the animals indiscriminately. Categorizing them as such deprives them of the protection they are entitled to under the Wildlife Protection Act and allows people to legally kill them.

According to animal rights activists, the notifications to tag these species as vermin were issued without any scientific evidence. Instead, the decision was fully motivated by financial reasons, as the three states concerned had complained about having to pay farmers for crop losses due to wildlife. However, the animals themselves are not to blame for the increase in human-wildlife conflict. Instead, the intensification and spread of human activity in these regions has resulted in a stark decrease of habitat for wildlife, causing collisions with local farmers.

Activists have stated that “the indiscriminate killing of these animals will have a detrimental effect on the food chain and in turn lead to an ecological imbalance.” Sign this petition urging the Indian Supreme Court to reverse the “vermin” classification on these three species to save countless innocent wild animals from being murdered.


Dear Justice Thakur,

The decision to label blue bulls, monkeys and wild boar as “vermin” in Bihar, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand respectively is an incredibly dangerous and cruel move. This allows these animals to be hunted and killed, deprived of the protection the Wildlife Protection Act would usually afford them.

Activists state that this verdict was pronounced with no scientific evidence, and was instead financially motivated as the three states are facing losses from having to reimburse farmers for damages caused by wildlife. They are quick to forget that human-animal conflict is on the rise only because we are building further into wild land and shrinking these species’ natural habitat.

Killing these animals will not solve the issue and may even result in dire ecological consequences. Please reverse the decision to classify these species as vermin and work towards protecting their habitats instead.


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Photo credit: Bernard Gagnon

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  1. Cecily Colloby says:

    I am totally sick of the verminous human race deciding that innocent animals are “vermin” and must be killed. There is only one animal on this planet which needs culling and it doesn’t take a lot of guessing to work out which one…

  2. Carla Bond says:

    All that hunters and poachers are vermin and should be culled themselves !!! There are 3 billion humans too much on this earth. We are placed on the world to preserve the earth, not to kill all the shit.

  3. masayuki tanaka says:

    I think if you ask mother nature, she would say that the most destructive vermin she has ever encountered, is human beings.

  4. These animals ARE NOT VERMIN! They have no place to live, when humans move farther into their habitats.

    STOP KILLING OUR PRECIOUS WILDLIFE! There is no reason that humans can’t learn to live with them and not take over the ecosystems!

    There is a major problem with the Indian gov’ts that would even consider harming these animals. KEEP THE FARMERS OUT OF WILDLIFE TERRITORY!

  5. val gaffney says:

    This must NOT happen isn’t there enough abuse and cruelty going on in this world today with animals. What gives any of us the right to do such a thing! STOP THIS OUTRAGE NOW These animals should be protected under the Indian Animal Welfare Act and if they aren’t, then someone should quickly do it!

  6. Francia Avalos Castel says:

    Si las plagas deben ser cazadas y exterminadas, que empiecen por decretar legal la caza y exterminio de seres humanos. Somos la especie que más calza con la definición de plaga.

  7. WWGD- What would Ghandi do?

  8. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

  9. All the people that think it`s fine to kill and abuse animals are the VERMIN. Getting rid of that lot would make this world a far better place!

  10. Do the right thing by your wildlife — these beautiful animals have every right to live, not to mention their importance to our natural world & planet — PLEASE give some thought, respect & compassion to the decision — keep in mind, it must be a win-win, especially for our wild animals.

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