Enforce Countrywide Declawing Ban


Target: Thomas J. Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture

Goal: Protect the cats of the United States from the cruel and outdated practice of declawing

In the last several years, the declawing of cats has proven to be detrimental rather than beneficial. Some cities have outlawed the practice and many animal shelters refuse to perform it anymore, but only California as a full state has issued an active ban.

Declawing used to be seen as a simple procedure–a matter of removing the claws themselves, like an advanced manicure. But in truth, the process is much uglier. The entire front joints of a cat’s paw are removed, which is akin to cutting off the tips of a human’s fingers. The recovery process is painful and can lead to infections, and in the end it accomplishes nothing. It is mutilation, plain and simple, and completely unfounded.

When you adopt a cat, you are adopting all of one, not just the soft and cuddly aspects. Claws may pose a danger to us and to other animals, but amputating twenty limbs from the poor creature is not the answer. There are several alternatives to declawing. Cutting the cat’s nails regularly, scratching posts, and soft plastic nail caps. It is possible to protect yourself and your loved ones from cat scratches without doing permanent harm to the cat itself.

Some have compared declawing to spaying and neutering, considering it only a procedure. But while spaying and neutering have added benefits to the animals, declawing does nothing but cause pain and possible infections. It’s not as simple as giving a manicure, and there is no valid reason to have it done.

Please sign this petition to protect our furry friends from needless amputations and subsequent suffering. Cats deserve better than that.


Dear Secretary Vilsack,

Please take steps to enforce a countrywide ban on the declawing of cats. It is a cruel, barbaric and outdated practice, animal shelters refuse to perform the procedure and it has been scientifically and medically proven that it does more harm than good. It is much easier and more humane to buy a scratching post or for owners to cut a cat’s nails themselves.

It’s time to phase out this practice and train our cats to stop scratching in more humane ways. California, certain cities in other states, and many animal shelters have already taken this step, but the first steps need to lead to greater effort.


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Photo Credit: ALAMY

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  1. It isn’t a matter of “possible” infections, but in reality, VERY OFTEN infections. And it doesn’t end there by any means! These amputations NORMALLY cause life-long PAIN for cats, leading to at LEAST litter box problems (often FOLLOWED by “punishment” by horridly callous “owners”!), as well as life-long EMOTIONAL problems for these poor cats. All this ASIDE from the insanity of the entire idea in the first place! What psychotic and evil veterinary mind ever thought of going to the utterly EXTREME act of chopping off LIMBS just for the “convenience” of “accommodating” outrageously selfish people who get cats when they DON’T EVEN LIKE THE INHERENT TRAITS OF CATS TO BEGIN WITH?!?!?! We shouldn’t even have to be trying to ban such indecent torture, when it never should have come into existence at ALL!!!! How DARE any humans think they’re so “superior” in our brains, if this is the ‘best’ ‘thinking’ we can come up with???!!! AMORAL, OUTLANDISH, UNCONSCIONABLE, and INEXCUSABLY BARBARIC an operation!!!!!!

  2. georgina rider says:

    This is banned in the UK – I can’t imagine going to my vet and asking for my cat to be declawed knowing that this causes the animal so much distress and pain. Shame on vets that declaw

  3. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Tom – The Animal Kingdom are citizens of this Earth and they have just as much a right to be here as you and I do. Declawing is nothing short of mutilation and no living thing should be subjected to such an atrocity. Animals deserve our respect and protection, so please, diligently enforce this countrywide ban of declawing.

  4. sandra mason says:

    if you want to have your cat declawed just make sure you do the proper research. it’s very simple really… just cut all of your fingers off at the top knuckle so you don’t have any fingernail left. after you have endured weeks of pain and healing.. live with your mutilated fingers for a couple years.. just to make sure you know exactly what it is like to have to deal with them.. for instance.. what happens if you get a mosquito bite and it itches and you have nothing to scratch it with? if, after years of not being able to properly use your own hands, you still feel that it was a GREAT idea.. then by all means.. mutilate the cat you promised to love and care for when you took him/her home.

  5. Sharon Vanasdal says:

    I rescued all of my NINE household cats … one was 7 yrs old, bad life & had agression issues….actually attacked my TWO 12+ dogs in one minute w/blood on their face! No one would take her.
    My WONDERFUL VET ONLY DOES LASER DECLAW …I would NEVER kill the cat and she was laser declawed, stayed one nite only, NO BLOOD, NO SIDE AFFECTS! NO DIGIT REMOVED! This should be legal, but NEVER EVER …cut off the last digit of their fingers!!!!
    I now have harmony in my home and the cats and dogs get along beautifully!

  6. Carla Bond says:

    O NO, not that outdated, stupid Tom Vilsack again ! HE MUST GO !! Consider, before declawing, that YOU get CUT OFF all your 10 fingertops-with-nails !! So you can’t use them any more for the rest of your life. If you are against nails DON’T TAKE ANY CAT !!!!! As far as that is concerned the US lives in year 0 !! Here it is banned in ALL LANDS of the EU.

  7. Soo glad this is banned here in UK if you dont want the animal to claw you or your furniture dont have one.

  8. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

  9. Why is the US so backwards in some aspects of animal welfare, other than the fact that big bucks talk ?????

  10. Signed & sealed

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