Justice for 100 Animals Living in Cruel Conditions


Target: Bill Schuette, Attorney General of Michigan

Goal: Charge couple with cruelty to animals for allegedly hoarding almost 100 animals.

Almost 100 dogs and 3 cats were reportedly rescued from a hoarding situation after neighbors complained of barking and a foul odor. A next-door neighbor said the odor was so bad that you couldn’t enjoy yourself outside. The dogs, who were covered in urine and feces, were living on the first floor while the owners stayed in the upstairs bedroom, according to the sheriff. He said the dogs had the whole run of the small first floor and were roaming free.

Authorities said they were living in “inhumane conditions,” but this is beyond inhumane, it’s animal cruelty. Unfortunately, it’s not certain whether the owners will face charges, which would be a tragic injustice. Please sign this petition to demand that these helpless dogs and cats get the justice they deserve and that the owners be charged with animal cruelty.


Dear Mr. Schuette,

Almost 100 dogs and 3 cats were reportedly found covered in urine and feces and living on the first floor of a home. The owners reportedly lived in an upstairs room while the mass of animals roamed the first floor.

These aren’t just inhumane conditions, it’s cruelty. We urge you to charge this couple with animal cruelty so that no more animals have to suffer from this hoarding problem.


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Photo credit: Hector Alcala

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  1. Charge them & monitor them to make sure they never get another animal. I suspect that in the beginning, they had good intentions, but some people cannot control themselves, and this couple are included in the “out-of-control issue. I hope the animals all get good homes.

  2. Oh dear! another case of trying to save every animal to the point of utter cruelty. These people need therapy, to help them understand the severity of what they have created.
    Just sincerely wish these people would save a dog, have it sterilized, vaccinated and wormed! Even two or three, if finances permitted. BUT stop there.

  3. This is a good example of why people should not be allowed to own animals. There is mostly suffering and sadness for most pets. They are abused abondoned like trash, left out in the heat neglected, SICK! Stop it already. If you are bored or lonely try developing a personality and make some human friends, animals should not be breed to be treated like trash and killed. If s person abandons an animal to the pound they should NEVER be allowed to own a pet! NO more breeding animals to suffer. If you really LOVE animals help them Do NOT allow people to own pets or breed anymore animals to be anused declawed tortured and abandoned like trash.

  4. Mandatory therapy should be part of their sentence. They obviously have mental issues to live in those conditions themselves.

  5. They should not be allowed to have any animals ever again, these poor animals, i hope they will find good homes.


    As all of here we are so fucking sick and tired of seeing this crap!!!! GAWD!!! I hate , yes, HATE DUMB ASS MF’S who think that animals can defend and take care of themselves. Obviously, they are stupid. AND DUMB ASSESS. This is infuriating as this IS preventable.

  7. Bev Woodburn says:

    Bring them to Justice and charge them for animal cruelty and suffering.
    Never allow them to own or have animals for the rest of their lives.

  8. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

  9. Don’t hold your breath waiting for AG Schuette to step up and do the right thing. This man is just a botox camera whore, and unless it’s really a sensational story so he gets a lot of news coverage he won’t do a thing. Anyone living in Mi. needs to get out in Nov. and vote him out of office and elect Dan Allen. He will do the job right, even if no one notices!

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