Find Men Who Allegedly Beat Dog With Belt and Assaulted a Good Samaritan


Target: William J, Bratton, Commissioner of the New York Police Department

Goal: Quickly find and punish men accused of beating a dog and assaulting a bystander that stepped in on the dog’s behalf.

Two men were caught on camera abusing a dog in a public place for no reason. One of the men was seen smacking the dog with a belt, kicking it, and striking it with his hand, all while he pulls on the dog’s chain so that it cannot avoid the blows. The second man, who had his own dog with him, simply stood idly by and watched his friend abuse an innocent dog that was in clear distress. This act of cruelty was brazenly committed in the middle of a residential intersection.

A bystander saw this shocking scene and stepped in on behalf of the dog, a brown and tan spotted pit bull. The man who was abusing the dog then reportedly became violent toward the Good Samaritan, pulling a knife and slashing him above the eye, causing a laceration. The men then fled the scene on foot, taking the dog with them.

These men are clearly capable of great violence and must be taken off the streets immediately. As long as they remain at large, both the dog and the public are at risk. Sign the petition below to ask that extra resources are dedicated to this case in order to quickly apprehend and charge those responsible for this shocking crime.


Dear Commissioner Bratton,

A man was caught on camera punching, kicking, and beating a white and tan put bull with a belt. All the while, the man is pulling on the dog’s leash, choking it and keeping it in place during the beating. The man’s accomplice, another dog owner, was seen doing nothing during this shocking abuse, which was brazenly committed on public streets. When a bystander intervened, the man initially seen beating the dog then allegedly pulled a knife and slashed the Good Samaritan’s face.

These offenders are an immediate threat not only to the animals they own, but to the general public. In order to protect both the public and the dogs, they must be apprehended immediately and have the dogs removed from their custody. We, the undersigned, ask you to allocate extra resources to this case to ensure that those responsible for this violent crime are caught.


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Photo credit: viganhadjari

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  1. If the footage of the video is shown publicly someone should recognize these pathetic wastes of our earth’s air and turn them in for this. If they are found this dog can be removed from the “one” and saved before a certain eventual death. If it starts as this in public what does he do out of the public eye? My heart aches for these animals and that Monsters can so easily get these animals. The friend of the one who did the act of abuse is just as guilty, for being too much of a wimp to stop him. The bystander is an awesome person; I feel badly that he was hurt but at least he tried to help, which a lot of people don’t try to do. Most of the time people “don’t want to get involved” which is a shame. Someone out there knows who they are, do what’s right and don’t let them get away with it. Please!! I truly believe if you know of or see animal abuse and don’t report it you are guilty too, not of the abuse, but of being able to prevent the further suffering.

    • Margaret Melnick says:

      I don’t understand why the video is not released. What is the cover up? There has to be a cover up or why is the video not viral so everyone sees it and someone recognizes these people or their dogs.

  2. Release the video because someone will know who they are.

  3. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    I wished a vigilante who loves animals would do the exact same thing to these douches!!! ? I pray the poor dog didn’t get murdered after they fled!!! ?
    Signed & Shared.

  4. Linda Barnett says:

    These two thugs must be apprehended before this helpless vulnerable and innocent dog comes to harm. Somebody must know who these low life specimens of the human race are, so come forward and report their identities to the authorities so that they can be charged, prosecuted and sentenced. My heartfelt thanks to the Good Samaritan who stepped in to rescue this poor dog from this despicable act of abuse. These two cowards must be apprehended and dealt with most severely. I hope and pray this Pit Bull is rescued and re-homed to a safe, loving and caring home which he/she so deserves following this brutal attack.

  5. Albert Morgan says:

    Braxton says he’s hard on crime… Let’s see. These guys need to be charged with attempted murder! They tried to kill the good person who stepped forward and tried to stop a violent assault. Charge these Fs with felony abuse for the assault on the dog andateemped for murder for trying to kill a Good Samaritan. The charge should hold more jail time as a person trying to stop a crime was assaulted by these meatheads!

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