Rehome Captive and Isolated Elephant


Target: Kris Vehrs, Executive Director of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums

Goal: Release captive zoo elephant living in isolation to reputable sanctuary.

An elephant that was stolen from the wild has apparently been living by herself in captivity for years. We need to take action to ensure this innocent animal is rescued and rehomed in a proper sanctuary.

Lucky the elephant has been an attraction at the San Antonio Zoo for the last 50 years. Despite it being against the Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s accreditation standards, Lucky has reportedly not had any companions for the last three years. Being isolated has sadly been thought to take a toll on the elephant, as she has been observed by zoo visitors displaying stressful behaviors such as swaying her body back and forth. Lucky is likely showing these signs of stress because she does not have the ability to roam large areas or to interact with other elephants like she would if she was still living in the wild.

While Lucky would not be able to survive on her own because she has been relying on humans to help her survive for so long, she deserves to live the rest of her life just being an elephant. Urge officials to release Lucky to a suitable sanctuary. A good amount of her life has already been stolen; Lucky deserves to live the rest of her life in peace.


Dear Executive Director Vehrs,

Lucky the elephant was stolen from the wild 50 years ago and has been living in isolation at the San Antonio Zoo for the last three years. Because isolating animals is against the guidelines of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Lucky needs to be immediately released to a sanctuary that will provide her with proper care.

Elephants in the wild are able to roam massive areas of land. They also live in groups, as they are known to be highly social animals. When elephants such as Lucky no longer have these options they show major signs of stress, including swaying their bodies back and forth and constantly lifting their legs. In fact, Lucky has been said by zoo patrons to display these very behaviors. Although she will never be able to survive in the wild, allowing Lucky to continue living at this zoo is both cruel and unethical.

I therefore urge you to require that the San Antonio Zoo move Lucky to an appropriate sanctuary where she will be able to roam and interact with other elephants. As the people who write the guidelines for accredited zoos and aquariums, you should in no way support animals being stolen from the wild or isolated.


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Photo Credit: The Brit_2

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  1. val gaffney says:

    There’s nothing “Lucky” about it! Has nobody learnt that keeping these intelligent animals in such conditions only leads to their death! 2 elephants have died recently – don’t let Lucky be the next!Shame on your America for doing and allowing this to happen!

  2. Jaime Perez says:

    I have signed and signed on this same issue for a couple of years now. When is it going to change?? This poor elephant should be sent to a good sanctuary to live with other elephants. How cruel this zoo is. A bunch of greedy monsters is all they are. They don’t care about the feelings of Lucky, who is NOT very lucky at this point.

  3. Jenny Rae says:

    How very sad. Left to rot with no interaction with his own. Send this poor elephant to a sanctuary where he belongs, he has given most of his sad life to your God forsaken Zoo, ENOUGH, release him NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

  5. sabita patwardhan says:

    Completely heartbreaking. Completely callous the bastards who are doing nothing about this. They should be isolated in the same way.

  6. Sheila Menache says:

    Please move this elephant to a sanctuary to be with others of its kind. Elephants are highly intelligent creatures who have strong family connections – they most certainly don’t belong in a zoo alone – do something about this poor creature

  7. Linda Barnett says:

    Kris Vehrs, do you have any knowledge regarding elephants? These creatures are highly intelligent and live in herds! Release Lucky IMMEDIATELY to a reputable sanctuary to live the remainder of her life with her own kind. Lucky has endured 50 years of absolute hell living in solitary! No creature should ever have to endure such a miserable existence under ANY circumstances. Do your job and make IMMEDIATE arrangements for Lucky to be free and happy for the remainder of her life. She so deserves respect and happiness having been starved of both for far too long. She should never have been stolen from her natural habitat in the first place! I await to read a happy outcome of this appalling situation, soonest!

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