Close Horse Rescue Operation Where Sick and Malnourished Horses Were Found


Target: Craig Stedman, District Attorney for Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Goal: Ban owner of sanctuary where several horses were reportedly found sick and malnourished.

The owner and operator of a purported equine rescue is facing several charges of animal cruelty after sick and neglected animals were reportedly found on her farm. The “rescue” was operated only on a Facebook page and was not registered as a nonprofit, unlike most reputable animal sanctuaries. Crystal Davis, the owner of A Life Saved is A Life Saved rescue group, was charged with 12 counts of animal cruelty for allegedly failing to provide proper food, water, shelter, and veterinary care for the animals at her ranch.

Authorities had already been called to the rescue three times previously due to allegations of unhealthy and ill animals. A search warrant was recently served for the property, where authorities found and removed 10 horses. Most of the horses were classified as “thin” according to the Henneke horse body condition scoring system. Half of them suffered from pneumonia as well as anemia, a condition likely brought on by an inadequate diet. This includes a foal that was later hospitalized.

The owner of this sanctuary claimed to be equipped to take care of horses, however authorities say that the animals’ conditions only deteriorated while in her care. Since rescue, most of the horses have gained about 150 pounds, and are much healthier. Despite these glaring facts, Davis insists that she is helping the horses and has vowed to fight for the return of the animals in court. Sign the petition below to ask the prosecutor to seek a ban on animal ownership for Davis, thereby closing this questionable sanctuary.


Dear Mr. Stedman,

Ten horses were recently removed from a so-called animal sanctuary that operated only through social media and without a nonprofit status. Authorities allege that the condition of the horses within her care deteriorated over time. Five of the animals removed suffered from pneumonia as well as a anemia, a condition brought on by malnutrition.

Despite the fact that the horses’ condition improved quickly after seizure, the owner insists that she is qualified to care for the animals and has vowed to fight for their return. Should the animals be returned to her, they will be placed in danger of further health complications caused by malnutrition and untreated disease. We, the undersigned, ask that you seek to ban Davis from owning animals, thereby forcing her cruel sanctuary to close.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: extensionhorses

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  1. Perhaps Davis’s heart was in the right place, but her financial status certainly was not. She must not be allowed to call her property a ‘rescue’ or any other misleading name for the ‘protection’ of any animal!
    Horses are a 30 plus year commitment.I have had three rescue that looked very similar to that photo, and they cost me a fortune to regain their health and strength. Even a vet felt that one of my horses wouldn’t pull through, but he became a beautiful boy that lived another 17 yrs. He passed away peacefully aged 33yrs.
    Davis cannot be allowed any more than one animal at a time, or none, as ruled by the court on the evidence proven. I cannot judge that side of it as I do not know her or have seen the property.

  2. Wendy Morrison says:

    There is no excuse for ANIMAL CRUELTY AND ABUSE for horses and all other animals too!!!!! This is senseless! Starve the owners who.ever did this to these horses.

  3. val gaffney says:

    This is no sanctuary!Itshould be closeddown now and the owner prosecuted

  4. Jaime Perez says:

    What a horrible person. If she couldn’t handle this situation, she should have asked for help. The poor horses had to suffer for her ignorance. I’m glad they are now being taken care of. Don’t take on what you can’t handle.

  5. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    Her perceptions are skewed from reality. I don’t know her specifics, but there is psych involvement here. Whatever. She shouldn’t be allowed to be around animals.

  6. Barbara Griffith says:

    She might have been a hoarder that is what this looks like just like dogs, cats or any animal there are people that don’t have enough to quit that’s why some doctors are calling hoarding a mental disease and I believe it. I’ve known a few.

  7. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

  8. gay johnson says:

    This looks more like a concentration camp than a rescue. Regardless of the original intentions, this place needs to be closed and the horses moved to a safe place where they can thrive, not struggle to survive. Ms. Davis is clearly unable mentally, physically and financially to care for animals and she should be barred from claiming to be a rescue in the future…

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