Prevent Swiftlet Bird from Becoming Endangered by Banning Bird’s Nest Soup

Bird's nest soup by Robert Staudhammer

Target: Xi Jinping, President of China

Goal: Ban the sale of bird’s nest soup before the swiftlet bird becomes endangered.

Bird’s nest soup has become an increasingly popular delicacy in China, but the high demand for the soup has caused the swiftlet bird’s population to drop dramatically. With people constantly stealing their nests, the birds do not stand a chance for survival. This soup needs to be banned in order to prevent a species from dying out.

The thing that sets the swiftlet’s nests apart from other birds is that its nest is not made from twigs or feathers, but from its own saliva. When harvested, the nests are dry, but when cooked in the soup they gain a jellylike texture and are sprinkled with rock sugar. The dish is so popular because it is said to boost the immune system, smooth the skin, and act as an aphrodisiac. It is uncertain whether it actually smooths skin or increases sex drives, but scientists have proven that the nests contain protein, carbohydrates, and fiber. However, people can get these from other food sources without endangering an entire bird species in the process.

Skilled harvesters can find these nests and remove them much faster than the swiftlet can make them, and sometimes the chicks are still in the nests. Swiftlet populations are already declining quickly in some regions, and it will not be long until they are endangered. If nothing is done about it, they will face the same fate as sharks whose fins were harvested for soup. Sign this petition to demand that bird’s nest soup be banned from all markets.


Dear President Xi Jinping,

A growing trend in the sale of bird’s nest soup poses the risk of endangerment of the swiftlet bird. Their nests are first and foremost for swiftlet chicks, not for humans to eat. The nests may have nutritional value, but people can get their nutrition from other food sources that do not endanger the entire swiftlet species. The sale of this soup needs to be banned immediately.

Skilled harvesters are finding and removing swiftlet nests faster than the bird can make them, and sometimes the nests still have the chicks inside. If a bird can not raise its chicks in a nest, then the bird is certain to die out. Swiftlet populations are already rapidly declining in some areas, and it will not be long until they are endangered. This must not be allowed to happen. Please, ban bird’s nest soup from all markets.


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Photo credit: Robert Staudhammer

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  1. Para ése país maldito en su ignorancia , todo ser vivo es,afrodisíaco!!! Así justifican sus matanzas y torturas! Los Chinos son una plaga sin corazón , que la madre tierra más temprano que tarde escupirá de su faz!

  2. As usual the chinese are so stupid. Eating something with bird saliva in it is just disgusting. They disgust me with their stupid practices of killing things for made up reasons relating to health this is so ridiculous. Killing and eating dogs and cats as well as skinning them sometimes while they are alive is in my mind grounds to have nothing to do with these cruel people who care for nothing but themselves. I wont buy anything from this country ever! In fact i wish a slow and painful death on every individual who participates in anybof this abuse!

    • There are many many Chinese now taking to streets in protest of the cat and dog meat trade. In fact several Chinese animal advocates are battling right now to stop the Yulin dog meat festival, and one group in particular has saved 100s of cats from slaughter just a few days ago.
      Let’s not tar them all with the same brush – they deserve our support, not our contempt.

      • Stephanie Stone says:

        Insanity, stupidity or just plain cruelty on the part of the people who make and/or eat this soup.
        Re: the dog and cat meat trade, if you want to help with rescue efforts at the Yulin Festival and in South Korea, you can donate to Humane Society International and Save Korean Dogs (Nami Kim is a fierce rescuer, having saved hundreds of dogs and is helping to shut down the slaughterhouses as is HSI). Marc Ching with Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation is another amazing hero who will be at the festival documenting the atrocities and saving as many animals as he can. There are many other rescue organizations like Soi Dog from Thailand who are also participating to end these monstrous type events and the practice of torturing then killing these innocent sentient beings.

  3. Cecily Colloby says:

    I totally agree with you, Lisa Bare!

  4. SAD, SAD, SAD!!!
    Please STOP!!!!!!!

  5. Demetrios E. Lekkas PhD says:

    It’s only too often that some Chinese are getting known to act like bloody vampires.

  6. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

  7. simon rickman simon rickman says:

    The nasty ignorant chinese will be the death of our beautiful planet and all life on it. They eat anything that moves, the rarer the better; the more tortured the tastier. Their ‘traditional’ medicine is the cause of far more hurt and harm than it will ever cure. Fuck them. I want to start a rumour that asian human flesh tastes superb and is dying out – then maybe they’ll eat each other up. Perfect.

  8. Sheila Menache says:

    What is the matter with these people – for goodness sake do they have to destroy every living creature – if it is not this barbaric Yulin festival where thousands of dogs are slaughtered in the most horrific way they are destroying these birds nests – stop breeding at the rate you are and preserve the planet for future generations

  9. Linda Barnett says:

    I think that we have to bear in mind that not ALL Chinese are alike and we must not tar them all with the same brush. Having said that, we do seem to have far too many reports of animal abuse taking place in China. The Yulin festival being one of them. It sickens me to even think of the suffering that these poor innocent, helpless and voiceless creatures are subjected to. WHY and for WHAT? No creature should ever suffer in the hands of man; China is just one of culprits in this wicked world we live in. Globally things MUST change! ALL LIFE MUST BE RESPECTED. No creature should ever be tortured, used, abused or killed.

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