Applaud Jail Sentence for Man Who Killed Puppy in Drunken Fit

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Target: Katy Yount, Deputy District Attorney

Goal: Praise harsh sentence for man who slammed a puppy on the ground until it died.

A firefighter has been sentenced to 210 days in prison after pleading no contest to killing his 5-month-old German Shepherd puppy. Nicholas Luiz of Santa Clara, California, was charged with two felony counts of animal cruelty for beating his dog to death while in a drunken rage. The man was seen slamming the puppy, named Woody, against the ground and against a barrier in his yard. When police gained access to the home, they found Woody’s corpse wrapped in a garbage bag and left in the man’s laundry room.

A necropsy revealed that the abuse the puppy suffered was prolonged. Veterinarians found fractures to the puppy’s ribs and skull in various states of healing. This suggests that Woody endured months of abuse at the hands of his owner, who neighbors referred to as an alcoholic. The dog also suffered bruising to his skull and chronic head trauma, likely causing it a great deal of pain.

Not only will the man serve a jail sentence, but he will be put on probation for three years. During that time, he will be banned from owning animals. This sentence is a refreshing change to a disturbing trend of animal abusers being let off with a slap on the wrist. Sign the petition below to praise officials for handing down a harsh sentence to this cruel offender.


Dear Ms. Yount,

Nicholas Luiz, a firefighter from Santa Clara, was recently sentenced to 210 days in jail and three years of probation for beating his dog to death. A neighbor saw him slamming the 5-month-old German Shepherd puppy, named Woody, into the ground repeatedly in a drunken rage. During a police search of the man’s home, the dog’s body was found lifeless and wrapped in a garbage bag.

A necropsy found that the puppy suffered ongoing abuse for several months. This was revealed by fractures to the skull and ribs in various states of healing as well as bruising and chronic head trauma.

In addition to jail time, the man, who was charged with two counts of felony animal cruelty, will also face a ban on owning animals for three years. This harsh sentence is refreshing in a time when too many animal cruelty crimes are treated lightly. We, the undersigned, praise your efforts to ensure that this abuser was punished appropriately.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Debe pagar con cárcel este torturador de Woody!asesino!

  2. Janka Steller says:

    210 days prison for murder? Is this a joke?

    • Patricia Stock says:

      This is what they call harsh punishment? That poor puppy suffered abuse at the hands of this POS and then he killed him so cruelly, he should of gotten 10 years and never own an animal again. What a edging joke

  3. A short inconsequential punishment for a sick violent criminal. I am glad it is something, but this depraved mentally ill person needs to be locked up for a long time, and b banned from being with animals children the elderly or any vulnerable person. This sadistic man has NO judgement or impulse control. I would not trust him with a doll!!!

  4. Praise!? For what!!? 210 days, minus 200 days suspended for good behavior I suppose that is how it will go. It usually does! This creep is actually a fireman!? Who has sworn in to save lives!? Animal abuse is FELONY!! He was not given full punishment. I hope the fire department will let him go for he does not set a positive example for saving lives. I did not sign this petition because the authorities did not give the proper punishment for the crime. NO APPLAUDS HERE!!

  5. David Lavery says:


  6. Some societal hero! This psychotic, alcoholic firefighter should be burned at the f’in stake! What kind of bullshit laws and enforcement do we HAVE, if this is all he gets for MONTHS of torturing then murdering a living, feeling, sentient nonhuman being?!?!! This lax sentence is NOT in any way either “refreshing,” “harsh” or deserving of “praise”! I’d like him to torture the stupid “officials” in like manner and THEN see if this ‘punishment’ fits the crime! Too incensed for words!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Amar Taggarh says:

    The crime doesn’t fit the punishment. He beat that poor animal for months according to the necropsy. Beat him for 5 months and then beat him so bad he dies. Let all animal abusers out there know we will not tolerate crimes against sentient beings.

  8. Tina Kim says:

    Wtf?! Puny jail sentence for murdering an innocent dog!! But in the end hell will be waiting for this cowardly asshole!

  9. Elaine Rutland-Smith says:

    Garbage like this should be shot in front of a firing squad and save the taxpayers money from keeping scum like this in society. Soundproof room in a Jail and throw away the key a good option too.

  10. Two kids in Georgia got 10 years for kidnapping and viciously killing a puppy. This guy should’ve gotten at least that too, although because he is an adult and apparently abused this poor puppy WHO WAS COUNTING ON THIS ******* TO TAKE CARE OF HIM, I think this guy should get way more

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