On the 9’th of March 2016 Kiriakos Nendos and Mr. Haupt had an accident resulting in an unwelcomed death of Mr. Haupt’s dog, 14 year old Dacky. Kiriakos Nendos was walking his 4 dogs Maisy the mother and her 3, 11 month old puppies in the morning and Mr. Haupt took his dog out to the Centennial Park area too. There was a regrettably an unintentional accident between them. At the moment of the accident all dogs were off leash including Mr. Haupt’s dog Dacky as well. As he admitted within the reports. Legally both at fault according to the bi-laws.

On the 10’th of March at 16:50 PC Davey #9818 and PC Richmond#11065 animal services Michael Martin and media came to Mr. Nendos’ house and knocked. No one was home at the time. And no further legal attempt to contact Mr. Nendos was made between March 10’th to the 15’th either by notice or by phone or any other manner. But media was contacted and Mr. Nendos’ personal information was given by the authorities.. Media then began building a story about Mr. Nendos and his dogs being on the run and not to be found. even though Mr. Nendos was at home waiting to be investigated. And the story continued for the 5 days with a big hunt by authorities to track him down. Under the Dog Liability Act of Ontario a proper investigation should be conducted and and the guilty party quarantined. If unable to identify the guilty party it would be left to the courts. The investigation was one sided using public slander and conflicting internal reports within Toronto Animal services as to which dog bit, without investigating Kiriakos Nendos to fairly assess the situation. Instead the media was used by authorities as a theatrical production to legitimize a seemingly legal seizure of Mr. Nendos’ 5 dogs Maisy and her 4 puppies in a 4 dog report with conflicting information as to the guilty party

On the 15’th of March 2016 media, police and animal services surround Kiriakos Nendos’ house unexpectedly in the morning. Without notice, without warning without anything Media and animal services remained hidden outside, and the police falsely, for a non criminal matter under the criminal code for an act of a dog, arrested Kiriakos Nendos criminally, for mischief under $5000. The moment Kiriakos Nendos got arrested and stepped out of his door, media suddenly appeared to take photographs. Once completely out of the way Animal Services then stepped in to seize all his 5 dogs in a 4 dog report. Essentially kidnapping and then disappearing them.

On April 18’th 34 days after seizing the dogs, in the morning PC Michael Burgess #6343 and an animal services employee served Kiriakos Nendos with 10 summons under the Dog Liability Act. In the morning of his first appearance for the criminal mischief charges. Because there was a chance they might have been withdrawn since they were not criminal. After serving Kiriakos Nendos, Burgess and the animal services employee high five each other laughing iin front of Mr. Nendos before leaving.

On April 22, 3 more animal services employees came in the morning to serve Kiriakos Nendos with more summons 14 charges in all with a destruction order on all 5 dogs. The tall animal services employee of the three told Mr. Nendos to come out he has news about his dogs and he will only tell Mr. Nendos if he came out to get served. He told Mr. Nendos his puppy Rhea had puppies.

From the 15’th when all 5 dogs were seized for 34 days until being served they were seized without reason. essentially kidnapped and disappeared. Kiriakos Nendos is not permitted to see them, nor is anyone else. When asked through email if they still live, Mrs. Glibbery responded by saying she will have to consult her legal team. Is it because they killed them with equal haste and need to legitimize their actions? Kiriakos Nendos is being run through the legal system, he is facing fines and criminal charges, he is spending thousands of dollars on lawyers, and 5 beautiful souls have been taken from him unlawfully.

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