Lions Needlessly Murdered by Zoo Deserve Justice


Target: Javiera Blanco, Chilean Minister of Justice

Goal: Investigate and prosecute zoo for needlessly shooting and killing two of its lions.

When a man broke into a zoo’s lion enclosure to reportedly incite the animals to attack him, security shot and killed the two lions dead. The incident occurred at Santiago’s Metropolitan Zoo in Chile, where visitors watched an apparently suicidal man strip naked and force his way into the lions’ cage. Media reports detail that the lions initially ignored the intrusion, but later attacked the man after he reportedly taunted them.

Zoo staff initially fired tranquilizer darts but then decided to shoot and kill the lions with live ammunition. Witnesses have said that security personnel were slow to react. It is reported that staff could have interfered earlier as it took the man some time to enter the enclosure and the lions did not initially attack him. Moreover, security is clearly lacking at the facility, considering a visitor was able to easily enter the animals’ enclosure.

These animals did not deserve to die because the zoo was unsafe and ill-equipped. Clearly, keeping animals captive and forcing interactions with humans threatens visitors’ safety as well as the animals’ welfare and lives. Sign this petition urging authorities to properly investigate this matter as well as move towards a ban on keeping animals in captivity, in order for no more visitors or animals to be harmed in zoos.


Dear Ms. Blanco,

A man was severely injured when he reportedly stripped naked and broke into a lion enclosure at the Santiago Metropolitan Zoo. While the man is apparently recovering from his injuries, two resident lions needlessly lost their lives in the incident. Rather than stop the man’s intrusion earlier or tranquilize the animals, zoo staff shot and killed the lions.

Clearly, security is lacking at this facility. Moreover, keeping wild animals in captivity is not only cruel, but also dangerous for both the animals and zoo visitors. We demand this matter is properly investigated and that a ban on keeping animals captive is also instated, to prevent future injuries to animals and humans.


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Photo credit: Zoohistorian

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  1. Skylar Storm Lawren Rudley says:

    Absolutely horrible. Two precious gorgeous lions had to lose their lives because of a worthless moron who wanted to die. Beyond sickening

  2. You’re ALL royal F-ers in this! Enslaving animals for people’s ‘amusement’ is already an evil. But then killing THEM for ANOTHER human moron’s doings, particularly one who wanted to die anyway??!!! Why didn’t staff just shoot HIM instead?!

    • Gamin Davis says:

      I was just thinking along similar lines. The lions could have been safely tranquilized before they started attacking, so there was no reason for the zoo personnel to shoot them with real ammunition. The guy who taunted them was the one at fault–they should have shot *him*, since he apparently wanted to die anyway. (Granted a cage is not a natural environment for an animal, but not all zoos are evil–it depends on what conditions the animals are kept in and how they’re treated. I hope the people who shot the lions are fired from their positions.)

  3. You should have killed the asshole who taunted these lions, why kill innocent animals because of some stupid jerk. This man needs to be seriously punished like beaten to death, and the zoo people who shot these lions should be killed too.

  4. This should never have happened. Where were the guards at the zoo and why kill the lions when the humans is the one who wanted to die??? Killing the animals should have only been the very last resort. These zoos must have plans on what to do when some idiot does this and that is not to kill the animals first instead…. use a net, tranquilize, taze or shoot legs not shoot to kill an animal just doing what comes natural to them.

    This is a very sad and sick story that no matter what didn’t have a good outcome but in this particular one the animals were the real losers and that shouldn’t have happened.

  5. Wendy Morrison says:

    Why kill 2 lions instead of this stupid man? What a SENSELESS act if these 2 lions were NOT attacking this stupid idiot who jumped into their enclosures.
    I think that this stupid man should have killed NOT these 2 innocent beautiful lions!!!

  6. Lynne Russert says:

    Typical, punish the animal for acting like an animal & do nothing to the POS who violated the animals & their space. Whoever made the decision to make the animals pay should be shot too. What a fucking moron.

  7. Instead of trying to prosecute the zoo, prosecute the man that caused this, he broke in to the enclosure, it wasnt easily accesible and he was taunting and trying to get the lions to attack him. The zoo took steps they deemed necessary and unfortunately thats what it came to. But That man is the cause of this. People are saying he forced his way in through the roof..

  8. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

  9. Richard Hofman Richard Hofman says:

    I feel ashamed that I have had been born like a fucking human….
    We really don’t deserve to be on this beautiful planet!!!!

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