Don’t Turn Pigs Into Human Organ Farms

pig by Steven Lek

Target: Pablo J. Ross, Researcher, University of California, Davis

Goal: End experiments which aim to sacrifice pigs to create human transplant organs.

Scientists are trying to grow human organs in pigs to address the current shortage of transplantable human organs. According to NPR, the experiments are so controversial that the National Institutes of Health has refused to fund them. The goal is to insert human stem cells into a pig embryo so that a pig will grow a human organ, such as a pancreas or heart. The pig would then be slaughtered to give the organ to a human who needs it.

Although the scientists have a noble goal, they disregard the pain and suffering that they are causing to the animals they are experimenting on. The scientists are currently nowhere near producing a baby pig with a human organ, but they have been using female pigs to grow pig embryos with human stem cells to see what happens to them. This means researchers must repeatedly operate on the female pigs in order to implant embryos and later remove them for observation.

And if the scientists ever do get to the point where they produce a pig with a human organ, the only purpose of that animal will be to die to have its organ extracted. If the organ turns out to be unviable for a human, the pig will have died for no purpose whatsoever. These researchers wrongfully assume they have the right to put pigs through pain and suffering and then kill them in order to conduct human organ transplants. In fact, pigs are highly intelligent animals which show emotion and empathy. It is difficult to justify slaughtering pigs to save humans when pigs have so many human characteristics.

These researchers should invest their time and energy into other methods of curing diseases which do not involve the torture and slaughter of animals. Sign the petition below to put an end to these violent and shameful experiments.


Dear Dr. Ross,

I want to encourage you to end your experiments which aim to grow human organs in pigs. Although I am sure that you conduct this research with the best of intentions, you forget that the animals you are experimenting on are sentient creatures which experience emotions, empathy, and also exhibit a great deal of intelligence. These animals are already suffering because of the surgeries you are conducting on them. If your experiments are successful, these animals will not only suffer, they will be condemned to die to harvest their organs.

You claim that you are not playing God with your experiments, but many believe that condemning animals to die for no other purpose than to grow human organs is, in fact, playing God. What right do you have to designate pigs as suitable hosts for human organs, but claim that their mental faculties are so different from ours that we have the right to kill them to serve our will?

Instead of conducting these experiments, I urge you to research other ways to end the shortage of human organs without torturing and sacrificing innocent animals. With all the medical technology currently available, there must be a way that you can solve this problem without killing innocent creatures.


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Photo credit: Steven Lek

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  1. F- OFF, you disconnected, heartless scientists, put your own brains to good use by unsubscribing to the ages-old and WRONG-ON-ALL-LEVELS perspective of the gruesome Rene DeCartes, who ignorantly and arrogantly believed animals were nothing more than akin to mechanized clocks! Grow up!!! If you’re THAT stupid, you don’t even belong in science!

  2. Stop torturing animals, leave them alone they need to be free, be loved and protected

  3. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    why can’t these organ transplant be robotic or donated organ transplants from dead people in the future? i’m still thinking about bottom surgery in the future cause i am transgender male.

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