Demand PetSmart Stop Buying Cruelly Sourced Animals

rabbit via LArry D. Moore

Target: Micheal J. Massey, CEO of PetSmart

Goal: Stop buying animals from supplier facing 117 federal animal cruelty citations.

Hundreds of small animals, including hamsters, chinchillas, rabbits, and rats were found sick and dying on a breeding ranch. A United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) investigation revealed neglected animals, filthy conditions, and untrained staff performing euthanasia at Holmes Chinchilla Ranch in Pennsylvania. The investigation was sparked by a video taken by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) undercover workers and released to the Associated Press.

The video showed water dishes fouled by feces, loose cats allowed to prey upon the rodents, and bins full of dead and decomposing animals. The rights group reports that animals were put in a cooler to be gassed to death or put in bags in the freezer to die by untrained employees tasked with euthanizing animals. According to the USDA inspection report, these employees admitted learning euthanasia procedures “from the internet.”

Two major retailers, PetSmart and Petco, purchased small animals from the ranch. While Petco announced that is has dropped the Holmes ranch as a supplier, PetSmart has refused to make a public statement on the matter, saying that it does “not comment on the status of relationships with vendors.” According to PETA sources, including one person that reportedly still works at the ranch, PetSmart is still buying animals from the facility.

The only reason these types of cruel breeding centers are still operating is because they are still profitable. Without the support of consumers, they would be forced to close. Sign the petition below to demand that PetSmart stop its support of cruel breeding practices and drop the Holmes Chinchilla Ranch as a supplier.


Dear Mr. Massey,

The Holmes Chinchilla Ranch in Pennsylvania is currently facing at least 117 citations for animal cruelty for inadequate veterinary care, improper training of employees, and inadequate sanitation. Animals were found dead, dying, and suffering from a host of medical conditions ranging from hair loss to advanced infections.

By supporting these types of breeders, PetSmart is perpetuating animal cruelty. When you refuse to publicly comment on your relationships with suppliers and condemn them when they break animal welfare laws, informed consumers are far less likely to patronize your stores. We, the undersigned, urge you to drop the Holmes ranch as a supplier and take a stronger stance against animal cruelty within your supply chain.


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Photo credit: Larry D. Moore

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  1. Elaine Barrette says:

    I stopped buying from petsmart, pet supermarket, and petco a LOOOOOONG time ago!

  2. When Petsmart wisely and compassionately helps showcase rescued animals up for adoption, I simply cannot understand their shameful, continuing DISCONNECT regarding both the callous SELLING of sentient life forms, AS WELL AS their utter disregard for where these animals (including birds) are sourced from and their horrendous suffering within this entire, ghastly “animal supply” industry. Total HYPOCRITES!

    I, too, refuse to shop at and thereby fund any companies that sell animals as if they were inanimate objects. There should no longer even BE any such animal-SELLING stores in existence. They can all restrict themselves to SUPPLIES ONLY for already-existing animals and still make huge profits.

  3. Tony DeLia Tony DeLia says:

    f*ck petsmart’s evil corporate executives

  4. How about they just stop selling animals period!

  5. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

  6. If the Homes Chinchilla Ranch were to be shut down which it needs to be then PetSmart and all the others will not have the opportunity to purchase these abused animals for profit.

  7. PetSmart recently stopped doing business with Holmes. However, PetSmart needs to stop selling animals period, and focus on responsibly housing animals up for adoption from animal shelters.

  8. Chinchillas should not be sold like that, even if it is from a humane supplier. Chinchillas are difficult to properly care for, since they are very energetic and need a special diet..
    Many other animals, including guinea pigs, pet rats, birds, etc., can be adopted through Rescue Groups!

  9. Melissa W says:

    I bought a bearded dragon at petsmart on May 28th, 2017. I noticed he had a twitch to his head. At first I didn’t think of anything, then last night he twitched for 45 minutes straight. I was worried and called my vet, having only had him for 10 days. Still under the 14 day “CARE POLICY”. Took him to the vet, and he has Metabolic bone disease, which is a disease in reptiles that can cripple, kill, deform, and countless other things living them to be a painful life. After I found this out being the person I am, I went to petsmart, and they paid for the vet bill but, they will only “Pay” for this one, not the countless other bills that are going to wrack up my bank to get this little guy back to health. And that if I was “unhappy” with my pet I can take him back and trade him out for another one. Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME?! He isn’t an unwanted pet. I would like him without problems, but he is NOT an Ugly Christmas sweater that needs to be returned to the store, this is a living, breathing, feeling living thing. I’m not UPSET or UNHAPPY with my pet. I’m Furious at PETSMART for not caring for their animals.

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