Woman Charged With Killing Dog to Fake Miscarriage Must be Prosecuted Vigorously


Target: Errek Jett, District Attorney

Goal: Punish a woman who allegedly killed her husband’s dog to fake her own miscarriage.

A woman killed a dog and used its blood to fake a miscarriage, according to reports. Her husband found the 8-month-old Chihuahua in the trash can after learning that she had faked her pregnancy. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Johnny Parker states that he found his wife, Anita Parker, covered in blood. She claimed to have flushed her stillborn baby down the toilet. Johnny, per his statement, only learned the truth after a trip to the hospital, where doctors told him that his wife had never been pregnant at all. He found his beloved Chihuahua puppy dead in the garbage can shortly after. The woman has been arrested and is being temporarily held with only a $7,000 bond.

This devastating act of cruelty cannot go unpunished. Sign below and demand justice for this innocent puppy.


Dear District Attorney Jett,

A puppy is dead after a woman allegedly used its blood to fake a miscarriage. Her husband found the 8-month-old Chihuahua in a trash can, horribly mutilated. We demand the maximum penalty for the person convicted of this crime.

Johnny Parker found his beloved Chihuahua puppy dead shortly after learning the truth about his wife’s pregnancy, per his statement. He rushed his wife, Anita, to the hospital after finding her covered in blood. Reportedly, It wasn’t until after the supposed miscarriage that he learned the blood belonged to his dog.

An innocent dog is dead, allegedly murdered to cover up a lie. This crime cannot go unpunished. We demand the maximum penalty under law for the person convicted.


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Photo Credit: celso3tn

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  1. Gamin Davis says:

    Okay, this ranks among the sickest things I’ve ever heard of involving an animal. This woman needs to be locked up in a psychiatric ward with the key thrown away. (A part of me says, let her suffer the same fate as the dog, mutilated and tossed into a trash can, but that would really make me no better than her.)

  2. This is really odd to me. If she had killed a human child in utero, there would not be even a yawn. She killed a dog and PRETENDED it was a human in utero and there is a hullabaloo.

    • Linda Amundson says:

      Why are you on here if you don’t care that this bitch killed a living, breathing, BORN dog? Spout your unrelated nonsense somewhere else.

      • Suzanne Westgaard says:

        Good for you! I couldn’t agree more with you and Evelyn Ball. This bitch should be punished by having the cruelty she perpetrated on this innocent, sentient, adorable dog done to her! She’s not mentally ill. She is evil.

    • Evelyn Ball says:

      People like you are pathetic. All animals, human and non human feel pain and suffer. Just because a dog isn’t a fucking human does not mean its life is worthless! Humans like yourself are worthless because of your arrogant attitude. Why are you even here???? Go to hell!

    • Maxine Sheehan says:

      That is a truly heartless response. Sounds like you might have a touch of psychopathy yourself. To show no sympathy for a little dog that was murdered is horrifying to me, and no doubt countless others.

    • So, we should prosecute cases of animal cruelty UNLESS they were committed in order to fake a miscarriage ? Sorry, the two issues are separate. If changing the laws with regards to abortion is your cause, you should go work on that cause and not attempt to hijack the issues of other activists. Shame on you, VCmom.

    • To be more succinct, off topic.

    • Melanie Hudson says:

      go away….why are you even on this thread..TROLL

    • Maria Mahyorova says:

      So we can kill pets, right? Pretending or not, we can? If we don’t pretend, just kill a dog – that’s even greater because no lie was involved, if I got you right?
      Sorry, but you seem to be an idiot.
      P.S. I’m against abortions.

  3. Linda Amundson says:

    This cruel person killed this innocent little dog. She committed a crime. The FBI now places animal cruelty where it belongs, up there with murder. They call animal abuse “a crime against society.” However, it is still YOUR job to prosecute this person.

    Second only to the abusers themselves, the judges, prosecutors, officers, etc., that do NOT treat these people as serious criminal offenders are RESPONSIBLE for the epidemic of horrendous animal abuse going on in our country today. You don’t prosecute, you’re as guilty of animal cruelty as she no doubt is. Same with judges, etc.

  4. S. McKenney says:

    This woman deserves to be forcibly sterilized so that she never can get pregnant and never allowed to ever come into contact with another animal again! Throw her in a hole! What a piece of shit!

  5. Renate Ingelsheim says:

    SORRY ?? This stupid bitch should be CASTRATED, and I mean castrated, not sterilized, so CUT OUT her ovaries and uterus and lock her up in a psychiatric ward for the rest of her life !

  6. Amazing that this somehow gets tied into a woman’s right to choose. This woman killed a pet. And there seems to be more to this…mental illness or a very demented attempt to maybe protect herself against spousal abuse? The court needs to investigate this further…

    • Maria Mahyorova says:

      Right to choose = right to kill. Yes, there’s no such a right. There are condoms for “right to choose”, and the knives are for MURDER, not for CHOICE.

  7. wanda padgett says:

    She needs to serve jail time. If she ever becomes pregnant the child should be taken away. Gosh only knows what she might do to a baby.

  8. Renate Fuchs says:

    THIS is horrible. And it happens every day, to hundreds of thousands of innocent pigs:
    Pigs are not as cute as chihuahuas. But none of you who shout for forcible sterilisation or jail time for that woman should continue eating these abused creatures’ meat.

  9. Yolanda Bernhard says:

    this filthy bitch is a lousy murderess, a mendacious and perverse “wife”
    you should execute.
    this husband sorry

  10. Maria Mahyorova says:

    Who really HAD to have a miscarriage was the woman’s mother.

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