Amazon Must Stop Selling Animal Parts and Cruel Hunting Equipment


Target: Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

Goal: Stop selling animal parts and specimens as well as barbaric hunting equipment used to cruelly trap wild animals.

While Amazon India has stopped selling animal specimens as well as snares and traps, Amazon U.S. continues to profit from these cruel products. The Indian branch of the online retail giant has agreed to remove traps, snares and animal specimens from its listings after animal welfare group Wildlife SOS urged it to do so on compassionate grounds.

Wildlife SOS’ campaign included sharing the story of Rose, a young sloth bear who lost her leg after being trapped in a snare similar to those sold by Amazon. Unfortunately, Amazon U.S. and some of its other international affiliates continue to sell these cruel traps, as well as live and dead animals and their parts. Snares and traps severely harm animals in the wild, and so does the wildlife trade, which captures, confines, breeds and ships sentient animals for profit, as though they were mere objects.

Sign this petition urging Amazon to show compassion and recognize that animals are sentient creatures that are not ours to profit from. Ask them to drop these inhumane hunting devices as well as animal specimens and parts from its website.


Dear Mr. Bezos,

Amazon India has just taken a huge step forward for animals by removing all listings for snares, traps and animal specimens. Unfortunately, Amazon U.S. and other international affiliates continue to sell and profit from these cruel products.

Snares trap wild animals, and sometimes pets, leaving them to suffer and starve. Meanwhile, selling live and dead animals and their parts for profit is unjustifiable in the 21st century, as people increasingly acknowledge that animals are not objects to sell and trade for money.

Please follow in Amazon India’s compassionate footsteps and ban all hunting devices and live and dead animals specimens from being sold on your retail platform.


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Photo credit: Mike Seyfang

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  1. Beth Knalfa says:

    Mr. Bezos doesn’t have control over selling this garbage in the US? WHY doesn’t he BAN these types of devices. I’ve seen several dogs and even a kid caught and maimed and AMAZON supports this. Another case just like Zuckerberg where millions billions are made, animals suffer and these CEO’S could give a crap.


  3. val gaffney says:

    Amazon you should know better! These items should immeditely be taken off of your websites and banned from putting on in the future. The persons selling these items should be ashamed of themselves! I hope they caught in their own vile traps!

  4. Until Amazon u.s. stop selling inhumane traps and animal parts I will not be patronizing or my friends and family until this company stops it’s selfish and inhumane to make a profit out of cruelty to animals.

  5. Ban all hunting equipment, ban all hunting worldwide, animals deserve to be safe and protected not murdered, not injured in anyway.

    • Jaime Perez says:

      I totally agree with you. Humans think it’s okay to murder innocent animals. Hunters are nothing but cowardly pieces of garbage.

  6. Angela Rabon says:

    EBay does the same thing!! They sell animal parts, traps, etc. Disgusting!!!

  7. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

  8. Linda Amundson says:

    I like Amazon but I LOVE non-human animals. I will have to rethink renewal of my Amazon Prime account when it’s due in a few months, as well as any other purchases on Amazon.

    There’s no need for Amazon to be selling traps and snares to the sickest of humankind, let alone non-human animals, dead or alive. It’s greed and nothing more. If Amazon India can stop it, Amazon U.S. sure as shat can stop it.

  9. In today’s modern world for the ethical humane treatment for animals Amazon should know better than to support traps and snares which have been banned and outlawed in many states because of its cruelty and severe pain it inflicts onto suffering wildlife animals and even domestic animals that get caught into the traps. Amazon sells products for animal sanctuaries and yet sells products to abuse and kill animals. That is wrong! AMAZON SUPPORTS ANIMAL ABUSE!! Not right! Make up your mind Amazon,are you for or against animal cruelty or it really doesn’t matter as long as you’re making a profit. Amazon behind the times for the ethical humane treatment for animals!

  10. Maria Mahyorova says:

    Wow,Amazon India is ahead of US one? What a shame for US Amazon. I was going to buy some items on US Amazon, but I’ll better wait until they go more moral.
    To the author – thanks for letting us know. We vote every time we shop, and I vote AGAINST Amazon.

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