Protect Pets by Strengthening Animal Welfare Laws


Target: Arlan Meekhof, Michigan State Senator

Goal: Pass the bills proposed by animal welfare activists to strengthen pet protection laws in Michigan.

Michigan’s animal protection laws are out-of-date and inadequate. The state lacks legal standards for dog breeding facilities, and many veterinarians still use inhumane carbon monoxide chambers to put down pets rather than euthanizing. Recognizing the need to take action, over 30 animal rights activists recently convened in Lansing, the state capital, to lobby for several new bills that would greatly increase pet protection.

One of the proposed bills would prohibit dog breeders from using dangerous and harmful facilities by holding them to the same standards of care as animal shelters. Commercial breeders with 15 or more breeding dogs would be required to get state licenses, and the increased legal standards would diminish the possibility of harmful practices or negligent care. Another bill would require animal shelters to euthanize pets that need to be put down, a humane alternative to carbon monoxide chambers. These chambers resemble giant ovens, and have been known to take more than 25 minutes to kill cats and dogs. Finally, bills have been proposed that would increase penalties for animal cruelty.

The Michigan House and Senate are currently considering these bills, so now is the time to stress their importance and demand that they are passed. Each of these bills would help ensure that pets are treated humanely, and help diminish mistreatment and abuse. Sign the petition below to urge Michigan’s lawmakers to pass these bills and strengthen animal protection laws.


Dear Senator Meekhof,

Over 30 animal welfare activists gathered in Lansing to lobby for several proposed bills that would strengthen animal protection laws. Michigan does not have any legal standards for dog breeding facilities, and many veterinarians use carbon monoxide chambers to put down pets despite the fact that euthanizing is both more humane and more cost effective.

These bills would require commercial dog breeders with 15 or more breeding female dogs to obtain state licenses, and would hold them to the same legal care standards as animal shelters. They would also prohibit the use of carbon monoxide chambers, which look like giant ovens and can take over 25 minutes to kill cats and dogs. Penalties for animal cruelty would be raised as well, which would diminish the amount of animal abuse and mistreatment.

All of these bills are extremely important for animal welfare, and would greatly increase pet protection in Michigan. I am urging you to make every possible effort to ensure that these bills are passed. Please take action to fight for animal rights and ensure that Michigan’s pets receive the care and protection they deserve.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. If we’re ever going to turn this state around we must get rid of all the Republican’s in office. Since they’ve taken over our state has become a mess. Our taxes keep going up while Gov. Snyder and his cronies give the money to the wealthy. The poisoning of Flint children with lead based water should be a wake up call for everyone in our state. It’s time to clean house, and elect people who care about all the residents of Michigan, not just the wealthy!

  2. Nancy Dunlap says:

    Michigan do the right thing and protect your animals!!!

  3. Elaine Barrette says:


  4. Beth Knalfa says:

    MICHIGAN lacks horribly in laws regarding ALL animals. The stories of abuse in MICHIGAN are horrific, it’s because these people know judges will let them go with no consequences. Michigan is failing it’s citizens who want justice. Glad I don’t live there.

  5. Arlan – It’s time to update Michigan’s Animal Welfare Laws. The Animal Kingdom are citizens of this Earth, too, and they deserve our respect and protection. Current Animal Welfare laws in your state are below standard. Please do the job you were hired to do and pass the proposed laws in front of you right now!

  6. Margaret Melnick says:

    Also teach all Judges to actually follow the law and start handing out sentence for animal cruelty instead of pussy footing around and letting these guys off with a slap on the wrist.


  8. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

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