Ban Cruel Practice of Cat Declawing in New York


Target: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Goal: Ban the practice of cat declawing in New York.

New York is one step closer to becoming the first state to outlaw cat declawing as a group of legislators are pushing a new bill that would make the practice illegal. Supporters of the bill, who range from veterinarians to Humane Society members, have recently intensified their calls to make this bill a law and end the practice except when medically necessary.

Declawing cats has long been the target of animal rights activists. In most instances, owners declaw their cats as a simple matter of convenience, but what many people do not realize is that the procedure is dangerous and potentially painful. Declawing is not as simple as trimming nails; it is a complex procedure in which portions of the animal’s bones, ligaments, and tendons and ligaments are amputated.

Cat declawing poses a serious risk to these innocent creatures, and the time has come to ban this inhumane procedure. Sign the petition below and urge New York legislators to pass this bill and protect cats across the state.


Dear Mr. Cuomo,

I am writing to bring your attention to a new bill in your state that would, if enacted, put an end to the practice of declawing cats. Though many cat owners view the procedure as something akin to trimming one’s fingernails, declawing is actually a serious and potentially dangerous operation in which the animal has bones, tendons, and ligaments amputated.

Declawing is often performed for the owner’s convenience as a measure to stop the cat from scratching furniture or children, but these animals should not be subjected to such a painstaking ordeal for such trivial reasons. Please support this measure and protect these innocent animals from unnecessary discomfort.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Pia Ojanen

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  1. Natasha polychuk says:

    declawing is like a person getting their fingers cut off !!!!!!!!!!1 all u have to do is trim nails!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Lynne Cameron says:

    Would you cut your childrens fingers off? That’s what it’s like for your cat. Barbaric, disgusting and cruel.

  3. Denise Baudin says:

    New York Governor ANDREW CUOMO, USA: We are not living in the Vikings’ age. In case you don’t know, the Viking Age is the period A.D. from late 8th century to mid 11th century.
    It is time you arrive to this new century. You have the power to legislate a law against the practice of cat declawing in New York. Please do it. Thank you.

  4. Why is this cruel practice still going on?

    Vets should have nothing to do with this vile procedure. If you think it’s OK to do this to your pet, you should first have it done to yourself and then be banned from even looking at an animal.

  5. Annette West says:

    Declawing should be banned in all states.We should follow England and ban it nationwide

  6. KatWrangler says:

    Every cat we’ve rescued that had been declawed by their previous people had behavioral issues. They were always on the defensive with other animals because they did not have the very things used for defense. Plus they had discomfort.

    Anyone thinking declawing is a good thing, chop off your own last knuckle and see how you like it.

    Come on NY! Show the world you care !

  7. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

  8. Tina Florell says:

    In Sweden, and most other European countries, declawing is forbidden just as it is also forbidden to surgically remove the vocal cords of a dog so they don’t bark. You may only operate an animal if it is justified for veterinary reasons.

    In Israel there is a risk of imprisonment and large fines if you take away the claws of your cat.

  9. This is the same as severing a human’s finger off at the first joint–it’s mutilation. Please ban this immediately!

  10. Jacky hendley says:

    Ban it everywhere not just new York. Already illegal here in the UK

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