Denounce Needless Euthanization of Beloved Pit Bull

mclovin-by-second-chance-rescue-NYC-dogsTarget: Barbara Hays, Manger of Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center

Goal: Demand animal shelter apologize for euthanizing a pit bull despite more humane options.

An animal shelter euthanized a pit bull, despite potential evidence that could have saved his life. An animal rescue center reached out to claim the dog but allegedly did not receive a response. Take a stand for animal rights and condemn the Norfolk Animal Care and Adoption Center (NACC).

The popular pit bull, known locally as McLovin, was admitted to NACC after mauling a cat to death. While the violent attack worried many, it was the dog’s premature death that stunned the community. NACC euthanized McLovin within 24 hours of his admission, despite apparent claims of ownership at another shelter. Second Chances, McLovin’s previous shelter, was reportedly willing to save his life if only NACC had returned their calls.

No animal should be euthanized when a better option exists. A thorough investigation could have shown that McLovin had a home at Second Chances. Sign below and demand justice for McLovin.


Dear Ms. Hays,

When McLovin was brought to you, you had a chance to save his life. Instead, you reportedly chose to euthanize him. We demand that you apologize for this act of cruelty.

McLovin committed a terrible act when he mauled a cat to death. However, it is his death that has caused ethical concern in the community. Euthanasia should always be a last resort. Second Chances could have given McLovin a home and saved his life. Instead, you made the decision to kill him.

We demand that you apologize for this incident and conduct more thorough investigations into all future euthanasia cases.


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Photo Credit: Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs

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  1. Brigitta MacMillan says:

    If the dog killed a cat, then as a pet owner I would not feel safe with him around the neighbourhood.

    • Totally agree. We should not have to live in fear. I can’t understand why people are advocating to save a dog who has actually mauled another animal to death.

      • Evelyn Ball says:

        So it’s okay to kill the dog but we strive to save human shit that kill/rape/abuse other humans or animals. We are too worry about a human beings rights when they commit a crime.

    • Evelyn Ball says:

      I’d worry more about the human animals roaming around committing crimes instead of a dog. Blame the humans, not the animal.

  2. Elaine Barrette says:

    You shameful fucking losers, you should rename your shelter REMOVE the word CARE because obviously you don’t give a shit about any animals. You fat whore “Hays” where were you at the time this happened? Probably sitting there on your fat ass stuffing your face giving the order to do it! You need to find another profession, one that doesn’t give you authority over anything because obviously you can’t manage anything correctly!!!

  3. Wendy Morrison says:

    Stop killing animals in all the HUMANE SHELTERS in the United States, and make them ALL “NO Kill Shelters” immediately!!!!!!!!!!

    • OK…..then WHERE would you put the 34,000+ dogs that go to Miami-Dade Animal shelter EVERY year; or the same number approximately that go to the NYC shelter system? On the roof?

      THERE are not enough homes for all the animals in the U.S. yet gullible people are bringing in hundreds of dogs from third world countries! AND puppy mills add 500,000 new dogs to our society every year…..if the import of dogs was discontinued; if the puppy mills were banned; we’d have a CHANCE to “catch up”… it is, we don’t…….and more and more landlords are banning dogs in apartments……..

      ALL of this has to be taken into account…its not just a matter of saying “no killing”……..the average “no kill” shelter has maybe 200-400 animals in it, that it can pick and choose which ones to take in, unlike the county shelters which have to take in EVERY animal brought to them……

      RIGHT now, its Spring, its “kitten season” in every shelter in the country, can you even imagine how many of them are being killed even this minute?

    • Agree it is way past time for no kill. Start penalizing the humans who abuse and abandon them!

  4. Damn idiots, they should be euthanized, not this beautiful dog

  5. I am fed up with discrimination of animal breeds.I advocate that the POS at this death shelter involved in this poor dogs murder, need to be wiped off the planet!

  6. I’m confused. If this dog actually did maul a cat to death, then I’m certainly not sorry it was euthanised as it is clearly a danger. Why should other animals suffer or be put at risk..? Where is the justice for the mauled cat? I am fully in agreement with dogs who have mauled kids or other animals being euthanised. It’s one thing to euthanise a dog who has done nothing wrong simply for being a certain breed, but quite another to humanely remove one who has shown itself to be a dangerous menace to other innocent animals and possibly kids too. At least this dog was given a much nicer death than the poor cat. Where is the “second chance” for the cat? I’m not signing this, sorry. We lose too many innocent pets (and kids scarred for life) because of dangerous dogs. They can’t help being the way they are and often it’s due to bad treatment at the hands of humans, which is very tragic – but that doesn’t mean others should suffer for it.

  7. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed& Shared. ?

  8. Evelyn Ball says:

    Blame the owner. Where was the owner who is supposed to have responsibility for the dog when it killed the cat????????? RIP kitty.

  9. Linda Barnett says:

    The taking of this dog’s life was so terribly wrong. Euthanasia MUST always be the last resort. The option given by Second Chances should have been acted upon and there has to be a full investigation into the action of the NACC for destroying this dog. ALL life must be respected, both man and beast. Somebody must be accountable for this wrongdoing.

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