Crack Down on the Illegal Wildlife Trade


Target: Chen Jining, Minister of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China

Goal: Enforce strict monitoring of the wildlife trade and implement harsher punishments for wildlife traffickers.

China is the largest market for the illegal wildlife trade, yet traffickers and buyers are not investigated or prosecuted enough. Forest police in southwest China have confiscated 22 live snakes and a number of animal parts from two men who have reportedly been purchasing and selling wildlife for some time. Live rat snakes and cobras as well as pelts from dead leopard cats and other wild animals were reportedly seized from what is just one of countless wildlife trading groups.

Unfortunately, China’s wildlife protection law is vague and does not go far enough. It does not protect species that have declining populations but are not yet listed as endangered, and it allows for wild animals to be caged and farmed. Punishments for traffickers are equally lacking. Wildlife in China is not sufficiently protected by the law, meaning that countless animals suffer and are killed simply for traders to turn a profit.

Sign this petition urging China to crack down on the wildlife trade by strengthening punishments for offenders, increasing surveillance to catch and stop more traffickers, and by enhancing the legal protection of wild animals.


Dear Minister Chen,

Wildlife trafficking is an incredibly destructive trade in China, yet one that is not monitored, combatted and punished as effectively as it should be. Forest police in southwest China recently seized a large number of live and dead animals from what is just one of countless trafficking groups. China must increase surveillance so that wildlife traders are stopped and prosecuted.

Moreover, animals in the country desperately need far greater legal protection than they are currently afforded. Wild animals should not be poached and killed, traded and sold, or farmed and kept in cages for commercial purposes.

Please take urgent steps to curb and stop the wildlife trade to keep wild animals safe from horrific cruelty and death at the hands of traffickers.


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Photo credit: Bill Fitzpatrick

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  1. Carl Ferrigno says:

    If it has to do with China -you can count on it being barbaric. Stupid. Moronic, they all need to be “skinned alive” and thrown to the sharks

  2. Anita Culling says:

    I agree with previous comment. China YOU NEED TO IMPLEMENT ANIMAL PROTECTING LAWS. STOP YOUR COUNTRY ABUSING AND TORTURING THEM. It s 2016 and I am sick of hearing excuses of cultural traditions as reasons for torturing animals.
    China seems to have no respect for any form of life.

  3. Maxine Sheehan says:

    As soon as I saw China I knew that this petition will be ignored. I’ll still sign. But I think we need to be urging our governments to boycott anyting made in that dreadful place by such evil people.

  4. Bill Reamy says:

    Oh, China again. Everything they make is trash. Everything they take they either kill, or eat, or both. And I think the last two Chinese takeouts are trying to make me sick. What a bunch of nice people.

  5. Elaine Barrette says:

    sick fucking chinks the worst nation on this planet – they should be exterminated from the earth….

  6. john whyman says:

    There seems to be a cultural bias about resenting being told what to do by foreigners in Asia. But I singed anyway.

  7. Again, #China ! The worst race God ever created! That goes for all the other Asian countries that are next in line as violators of animal torture! Asia is the biggest offender and should be excluded as a part of the human race. Their Monsters! #BoycottAsia

  8. Sergei Kamenev says:

    Curious that a supposedly ‘ancient’ civilisation is most intent on speeding up the ongoing Sixth Extinction of species to the maximum possible speed. If ‘ancient’ is equal to ‘wise’, how come they can’t get it that killing Nature means killing themselves? Such behaviour on their part towards the Earth is more than enough to release the Earth and, of course, everyone truly concerned from all obligations and reservations towards them. In other words, if they don’t give a damn about anything and anyone else, nobody should give a damn about them. And never mind their nuclear arsenal – we are at a point where Nature is dying anyway, and all old-fashioned diplomacy should chucked out a window.

  9. Don Wisedagama says:

    China is the biggest sponsor for poaching and cruelty to creatures from Asia to Africa. They consume everything that moves. This is one race that does not give a f@#$ about anything.

  10. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

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