Tourists Accused of Killing Extremely Rare Fish Must be Punished


Target: Angela A. Bello, Nye County District Attorney

Goal: Punish tourists who allegedly killed a rare Devil’s Hole pupfish while skinny-dipping.

An endangered pupfish died after a group of tourists intruded on its habitat. Video footage shows the tourists roughly trampling through the fish’s shallow pool. Demand justice for this nearly extinct species.

Three men trampled through a pool in a federally protected park and left behind beer cans, clothing, and one dead Devil’s Hole pupfish. The pupfish is so rare that only 115 remain in the world. All of them are under federal protection due to their endangered status. Any intrusion into their habitat could disturb their fragile ecosystem and harm their food supply, putting them at risk.

The men face several possible charges including conspiracy to commit a crime, killing of an endangered species, and trespassing and destruction of habitat. Sign below and demand justice for this rare species.


Dear District Attorney Bello,

A rare pupfish has died, allegedly due to the intrusion of tourists. Three men broke into the restricted area and carelessly trampled through the fish’s habitat. We demand justice for this endangered fish.

The three men left behind beer cans, clothing, and one dead Devil’s Hole pupfish. Video footage shows the men breaking into the protected area and trampling through a shallow pool, the pupfish’s habitat. This violent intrusion disturbed the algae and the pupfish’s food supply, possibly leading to the death of the fish.

The pupfish has survived for tens of thousands of years in a balanced environment. It is unacceptable for man to upset this balance. We demand the harshest penalty for the men who intruded on and allegedly killed this rare fish.


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Photo Credit: zygplater0

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  1. Not only get punishment for killing this rare pupfish, also fine the hell out of them for littering! It is a restricted area in which they violated and they need punishment for their disrespectful acts.

  2. It is the first time I have ever heard of this extremely rare and quite beautiful fish. The sadness of the demise of this fish is that according to Wiki, the latest count of this species this year is 115.
    Ignorance cannot be used as an excuse as these men who by the sounds of things are “thinking people” entered a restricted area and behaved in an abominable way.
    They should be severely punished for their stupidity and lack of caring!

  3. La estupidez humana no deja de sorprender!!!

  4. Todd Fletcher says:

    Fine the hell out of the clown!

  5. Ana French says:

    They should be punish and the area ahould either be more alert to prevent thouse acts or close the area to touris.

  6. Yolanda Bernhard says:

    rot in hell

  7. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

  8. Make the idiot-psychopaths pay for their crime & callous indifference —

    if society does nothing, these imbeciles will continue their mindless, merciless, sadistic acts against the innocent & vulnerable, in this case, animals in the wild —


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