Justice for Baby Bison Euthanized Because Tourists Put Him in Their Car


Target: Jonathan Jarvis, Director of National Park Service

Goal: Issue harsh punishments to tourists who loaded a bison calf into their vehicle and were ultimately responsible for its death.

A newborn bison calf had to be euthanized after tourists loaded it into their vehicle and dropped it off at a park facility. Thanks to their careless actions, the calf was abandoned by its herd and rangers’ attempts at reuniting the bison were unsuccessful. Officials said that because the calf was abandoned, it began approaching people and cars creating dangerous situations, and thus had to be euthanized.

The people who caused this innocent wild animal’s death only received a fine, as if money could replace its life. After the incident, the park simply issued “fresh warnings” telling visitors to stay away from the animals. There were several similar cases prior to this one where visitors broke the rules and dangerously interacted with the park’s wild animals. Clearly, the minuscule fines and fresh warnings aren’t stopping people from endangering other life at the park. Help prevent more senseless deaths by demanding that the visitors be properly punished for their reckless behavior that ultimately led to the calf’s death.


Dear Mr. Jarvis,

Visitors at Yellowstone National Park loaded a bison calf into their vehicle and dropped him off somewhere else, which caused his herd to abandon him. Officials said the calf had to be euthanized as their efforts to reunite the herd were fruitless, so the abandoned calf began approaching people and cars.

This is just another example of park visitors completely ignoring rules and destroying wildlife because they’re careless. If there were actual penalties other than a fine for breaking the rules, this calf probably wouldn’t have died. Please see to it that visitors who endanger other life at the park are harshly penalized, starting with these people.


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Photo credit: Yellowstone National Park

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  1. Astrida Auza says:

    I am dismayed to see a petition to punish the people who tried to save the baby bison. I would like to see a petition to punish the Yellowstone National Park for euthanizing the bison! If it had to be quaranteened how many steps were taken in that direction – none! From the video I saw the baby bison was nowhere near the herd and would have been run over by a car or starved to death when the people scooped him up.

  2. I don’t see anywhere in this petition where it is written that tourists tried to save a baby bison from a dangerous situation. They interacted with it, simply because it had strayed a bit from the herd, which they do sometimes, then go back. They took this opportunity to interact with it, impregnated it with their odor, once that’s done, it’s game over. These people need to learn through HEAVY fines to leave nature alone, or call competent authorities if they believe something’s amiss. This is not the first incident, and will continue if the fines are not important enough for them to feel the pinch. A life that had barely begun was destroyed by their stupidity.

  3. Carol Day says:

    The whole thing Pisces me off on both parties.Nobody was looking out for him

  4. J Suzuki says:

    The people who picked up the baby bison were trying to help it. If they knew what was going to happen to the bison, I don’t think they would have touched it. In the future, park personnel should hand out flyers to the tourists, stating how much they will be fined, if they interfere with wildlife. That being said, park personnel could have contacted a wildlife rescue organization to see if they would take it. The baby bison didn’t have to die.

  5. John Wood says:

    The people tried to SAVE the calf. It was an act of LOVE. This petition is an act of HATE. Let’s just educate people about wild life. No reason to hate. Let LOVE be your life’s energy! 😉

  6. this petition summarizes the disconnect of the typical North American “animal rights slack-tivist” versus those that actually views animal rights as extending beyond maintaining the pretty and beautiful scenic parks and “greenspaces”… it includes compassion.

    The “tourist” was a former farmer in a 3rd wrold country. He respects animals for their symbiotic relationship with people…We need them, and they need us. He seems a young calf, doomed to death without human intervention. He still sees a benefit to that life.

    Case in point, the *Canadian* Wildlife Officer that was ordered to put down to baby black bears because their mother was recently shot and killed. He defied the order, even though the likelihood of re-integration in the wild was unlikely. He lost his job. Baby black bears? Nursed back to health at a wildlife sanctuary (by real animal rights activists) … reintroduction in to the wild may actually be possible now. Even if it fails, and the bears end up spending the rest of their lives in captivity, their contribution to mankind could include educating children that visit that zoo, a breeding program to strengthen population, exposing those animals to people living in other countries….

    if the choice was to have those animals serve “nature’s course” and act as compost as their lifeless carcass decomposes and it’s flesh eaten by animals that used to be hunters but now suffice on the bounty left by humans…
    Show compassion and nurse the animal back to health; try to reintegrate it into the wild and if that fails, let it live but with a new purpose..a purpose that still allows it to contribute to both their species and to us, “ignorant tourists.”

    But then again, that second option would take more time and effort and resources than the conservation officers are allotted but the powers that be…and would take more people advocating against idiot petitions and petitioners like this person.

    I say, WELL DONE to the Canadian tourist. You acted out of respect for life rather than with a thought of affecting the aesthetics of the park for future tourists. Keep it up, mate.

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