Justice for Baby Crow Allegedly Beaten With Sticks


Target: Greg Zoeller, Attorney General of Indiana

Goal: Punish people who reportedly beat a crow with sticks.

A group of boys reportedly beat a baby American crow with sticks while the crow’s family screamed from the trees above. The baby crow was rescued and is being treated for the severe injuries, but officials aren’t certain the animal will recover. The wildlife sanctuary officials said that crows are highly intelligent and that the baby crow’s parents are grieving the loss in a similar manner to how humans grieve. Knowing this makes this even more heart-wrenching.

Reports state that a group of boys were responsible for this senseless violence, but nothing has been said about whether they will be charged or punished. The wildlife sanctuary has stated that they’re seeing an increase in animal cruelty cases, yet the state of Indiana has been under scrutiny for their lack of action against animal cruelty. We must put pressure on officials to act now before more animals are brutally beaten and killed. Please sign this petition demanding that the people who violently attacked this baby bird be brought to justice.


Dear Mr. Zoeller,

A baby crow was reportedly assaulted by a group of boys who beat the tiny, helpless baby with sticks. Even as the crow’s family screamed from the trees above, the attackers were relentless and continued until someone intervened. Unfortunately, the bird may not be able to recover from the extreme injuries, according to the wildlife center.

It’s time that Indiana stop being so lenient when it comes to animal cruelty. We urge you to see to it that the boys who attacked this helpless bird are charged and punished to the most severe extent possible.


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Photo credit: daveoratox

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  1. Janet Lynch says:

    This is an appalling incident, and Indiana’s leniency in this and other incidents of gross animal cruelty is equally appalling. It is well known that violent criminals often begin their deranged careers by exhibiting violent behavior toward small defenseless animals as children. This is not a case of juvenile hijinks, but it is rather a case of aberrant, dangerous behavior which must be stopped now. These kids need to be punished, given community service and put in a treatment program ASAP, and more broadly Indiana must crack down on the scourge of animal cruelty by enacting- and enforcing- strict anti-cruelty laws with strong criminal penalties.

    • Jacqui Skill says:


    • Linda Barnett says:

      Thank you for your comments. Janet, I can only reiterate what you have said. Animal cruelty will not be tolerated. All perpetrators of animal cruelty must be prosecuted and punished accordingly. Our creatures do not have a voice, but we do and WE WILL BE HEARD! Strict anti-cruelty laws must be enforced in Indiana without delay.

  2. Little bastards need to be beaten to death

    • Natasha polychuk says:

      i agree!!1 I’d enjoy that!They should have been aborted along with their shit for brains parents!!!!!!!!

  3. sandra mason says:

    I would be so embarrassed to find out that I raised the sort of child who would beat anything to death.

  4. The boys need to be punished indeed, but what’s wrong with the parents. Did they not teach these kids to respect life regardless of it being human or animal? Every creature on this earth has the right to live.

  5. Ana French says:

    They should be charged and punish. Here we have cruel psycopaths and future serial killers.

  6. Yolanda Bernhard says:

    search and destroy – the kids

  7. these little turds need to be arrested as juvie and sent to a juvie jail to stay for a month doing hard labor. The parents need to be investigated and put in a rehab program along with the kids. If they condone this behavior they need to be arrested and made to pay a large fine. There needs to be strict animal
    abuse laws made and enforced. Anyone caught abusing any animal needs to be made an example of. first they need to be made to wear a sign in public
    that says I AM A ANIMAL ABUSER. then they need to do some hard labor. the parents need to do community service if they are guilty.

  8. julie ellis says:

    There must be a permanent registry on animal cruelty cases as there is with human sexual assault cases. Whatever the age of the brat, he goes on record!!! End of story. And neighbors should have access to those with records in order to 1. protect their pets 2. make it clear to these torturers that they are undesirable…immensely undesirable.

  9. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

  10. simon rickman simon rickman says:

    little shits. every life has value and meaning, except theirs of course!

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