Man Who Starved Young Husky to Death and Left Dog to Rot Must be Properly Punished


Target: Barra McGrory, Director of Public Prosecutions for Northern Ireland

Goal: Review and increase the far too lenient sentence given to man who starved his dog to death.

A man who pleaded guilty to starving his pet Husky to death has only been given a small fine, some community service and a ban from owning animals for just five years. The man identified as Robert Porter from Belfast, Northern Ireland, admitted to letting his four-year-old dog starve to death and to leaving his body to decompose in his kitchen for four months.

The dog had been severely underweight, weighing a mere 11 kilograms (24 pounds), less than half the normal weight of 27 kilograms (60 pounds) for his breed. Porter admitted that the dog had not been fed in weeks before he died of starvation. This man deserves a much harsher punishment for this horrific act.

Sign this petition demanding that Porter’s sentence is reviewed and severely increased to include jail time as a deterrent for other abusers, and a lifetime ban on keeping pets so that no more animals suffer from his neglect.


Dear Mr. McGrory,

Robert Porter pleaded guilty to starving his young dog to death, yet he only received a small fine, some community service and a mere five-year ban on keeping pets. This sentence is far too lenient for a man who has admitted that he neglected to feed his dog for several weeks, resulting in the animal’s suffering and death from starvation.

Letting this man walk free sends the harmful message that animal cruelty is not a serious crime. This man must also be banned from owning animals for life to ensure he cannot harm another pet. We demand that Robert Porter’s sentence is increased to include jail time and a lifetime ban on keeping animals.


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  1. Cold, calculated and absolutely chilling cruelty….

  2. Kathleen DelCorpo says:

    Good job, judge…you just rewarded this sick behavior

  3. Debra Jordan says:

    Really. This piece of crap should be the one rotting in jail. Abuse to innocent animals needs to be stopped immediately.

  4. Suzy smith says:

    Guy needs to b thrown in jail without parole n left to starve in dark corner

    • Carol Day says:

      Agree with him starving in a dark corner.Ok judge what lame excuse did he have?No animals for the rest of his life.He is pondscum and so r u for not giving him a suitable punishment. God bless that poor incentives pup.

  5. Wendy Waltenberg says:

    Tell me what an abuser of animals must do to get more than just a fine and then still be allowed to have a pet.

    Isn’t starving this poor dog to death enough ???

    Unbelievable that he can still have pets.

  6. Darlene Avery says:

    Absolutely revolting. This psychopath should be rotting in jail for many, many years. What the hell is wrong with this stupid judge??????

  7. lynn woods says:

    this creep needs to be punished put away for a long time but starve him also

  8. Ruth Rusch says:

    What Mr Porter did was intentionally torture a vulnerable being whose welfare he was responsible for. I don’t want to live in a community where such cruelty is condoned, which is essentially the message Mr Porter’s sentence gives. Mr Porter does not seem like a sane person, as no sane person even the cruellest would let a dead animal rot in the kitchen for 4 months. Certainly Mr Porter should never be allowed to own or be charged with the welfare of any kind of animal ever again. Belfast, please review fhis case and implement a preventive sentence. Thank you.

  9. CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY — PUNISHMENTS & PENALTIES MUST BE SEVERE!! — Robert Porter : Have you lost your mind! — We must ensure that the idiot-abusers of the world stay away from animals & NEVER adopt again — this imbecile’s depraved crime inflicting torturous suffering on this sweet dog is telling of an unconscionable, depraved, irrational & merciless human — CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY — PUNISHMENTS & PENALTIES MUST BE SEVERE!! — We do NOT want repeats of these crimes – EVER!

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