Free Bears From Horrific “Bile Farms”


Target: Brigadier General Somkeo Silavong, Laotian Acting Minister of Public Security

Goal: Shut down all illegal bear bile farms where bears stolen from the wild experience unspeakable amounts of pain.

Bears are being stolen from the wild, held captive in small cages and hooked up to catheters for the purpose of extracting bile, which is falsely thought by some to have a multitude of beneficial medicinal properties. We need to take action to ensure these bears are rescued.

Sadly, some bears are thought to be in indescribable pain from having permanent catheters hooked up to their gallbladders. Many bears allegedly have no room to move around in their cages. One bear was even thrown onto an operating table and had its paws tied down while an inhumane device was used to extract the bile.

Although some people claim bear bile helps to cure certain liver conditions, there are several things—such as various synthetic compounds—that can be used to accomplish the same goal. In regards to other medical conditions, research has clearly shown that using bear bile as a treatment provides absolutely no benefits.

Even though taking bears from the wild and abusing them for this purpose is illegal in Laos, the practice has recently come into full swing since laws are apparently not being properly enforced. Tell the Laos government to investigate this matter and to shut down all illegal bear bile farms in their country and further to make arrangements for all bears that have been taken from the wild to be retired to proper sanctuaries. If nothing is done, many more bears will likely continue to suffer and die in vain.


Dear Mr. Brigadier General Silavong,

Bears are being taken from the wild and kept in small cages so that their bile can be extracted for medicinal purposes. Since doing this is illegal in Laos, these bears need to be immediately rescued and retired to adequate sanctuaries.

Some of these bears have a permanent catheter hooked up to them, and one bear was even said to be strapped down to an operating table so vast amounts of bile could be removed from it at once. Activists have further stated that bears are oftentimes unable to move around in their cages.

While some people may endorse this practice because they believe that bear bile cures different liver conditions, many alternatives—including medicinal plants and certain synthetic compounds—can be used to accomplish the same goal. Additionally, scientists have clearly proven that using bear bile is not an effective treatment for other medical conditions.

Although it is good news that taking bears from the wild to perform such practices is illegal, many more bears will be greatly harmed if laws are not enforced. I therefore urge you to find and shut down all illegal bear bile farms and to further release all bears that are thought to have been taken from the wild to proper sanctuaries. Allowing these bears to continue suffering when bear bile has proven to be virtually useless is both irresponsible and unconscionable.


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Photo credit: Dan Bennett

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  1. I so often read about the horrific and barbaric torture placed upon animals by humans and their ignorance based on cultural beliefs hundreds of years old. These beliefs come with no evidence of truth or effective treatments. There is no evidence that the bile from bears has any effects on the health of your liver. All those bears put through a life of hell because of ignorance. In Asian countries, the amount of animals tortured and killed due to ignorance in old beliefs is unimaginable. They are a society that claims civilization yet live in a world of fantasy, and who pays the price? Animals so brutally tortured I can’t even grasp their thought process. If drinks juice from tiger bones cured cancer don’t they think the world would know about it? Idiotic!


  3. Wendy Waltenberg says:

    How many of these petitions do we need to sign before something is done.

    The countries involved need to educate their citizens so that they learn that bear bile does nor make them more ferttile or cure any ailments they have.

  4. E. Cambridge says:

    This is easily enough corrected. To stop all of the atrocities happening in Asia against animals, BOYCOTT THEM!! Don’t travel there, don’t buy what they export.Boycott any event held there and boycott their sponsors. They’ll soon stop rather than lose money over it.

  5. Shameless china has hit the headlines for being cruel to all types of animal time after time. Stop sinning, stop torturing and stop killing innocent lives! Release the bears to responsible sanctuary NOW!

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