Don’t Sell Animals to Trophy Hunting Companies to Address Drought


Target: E. Chidziya, The Director General of The Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority

Goal: Devise a plan to help animals during drought instead of selling them to unknown buyers.

Thousands of animals may die as a result of being sold to trophy-hunting companies and other unsavory individuals. We need to take action to ensure these animals can continue to live out the rest of their lives on their homeland.

Because Zimbabwe is currently experiencing an unforgivable drought, it plans to sell many of the country’s wild animals to unknown buyers. While officials claim money made from the transactions will help the other animals to thrive, selling animals in the past has apparently led to horrible outcomes. For example, many baby elephants that the Zimbabwe government sold to China were thought to have died as a result of being severely mistreated.

Countless animals—including endangered species—could meet the same fate if Zimbabwe carries out its plan. Trophy-hunting companies will also not have a difficult time purchasing the animals since they will only be required to turn in paperwork revealing little about their land and saying how the animals will be housed.

Demand Zimbabwe officials do not sell their wildlife and that they do everything in their power to help them overcome this struggle. If something is not done immediately, many majestic animals will likely soon be dead.


Dear Director General Chidziya,

As you know, The Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority is trying to deal with a current drought by selling wildlife so that money can be raised to feed other animals. It is important that such transactions do not take place in order to ensure that no animals will be harmed or killed.

Since potential buyers only have to turn in paperwork that reveals little information about their land and a statement saying how the animals will be housed, it will not be difficult for unethical companies and people to purchase wildlife. In fact, baby elephants were supposedly kept in small metal cages and died as a result of harsh mistreatment after Zimbabwe sold them to China.

Selling many animals to try and take care of the others will likely also ensure that more animals will meet similar unspeakable fates. Additionally, many endangered species could very well go extinct if they are sold to trophy-hunting companies, or to other unsavory individuals.

For these reasons, I encourage you to devise a new plan that will include possible options on how to help the wildlife in your country, instead of selling them. Putting these animals up for sale shows little regard for the wildlife that Zimbabwe inhabits.


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Photo Credit: JanErkamp

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  1. There must be a better safer way to help these animals rather than selling them to the highest bidder and unknown truth about their welfare. Please re think this.

  2. Anita Culling says:

    What an evil world, so cruel. Someone please think about these animals. They need help. Not abuse. Totally disgusting.

  3. simon rickman simon rickman says:

    Trophy hunting, any hunting, is wrong on every level. Dont matter what anyone says or hwta the reason is – find another way

  4. Sounds like the easy way out. Is there no other way? re-think.

  5. must let the wildlife remain now.

  6. They made millions of dollars selling those elephants and sending them to the U.S. Each zoo paid half a million to steal these animals lives and force them into captivity. The drought should be over as a recall 30 elephants were sold into a life of misery what now more?!!?!

  7. Killing animals to save animals makes NO LOGICAL SENSE!!! Save all the wildlife as there is very little left anywhere. This planet MUST be shared or the human race is destined to die also!! The problem is that there are too many humans using all the resources The birth rate MUST BE LOWERED or millions will perish

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