Retire Penned Up Circus Animals to Sanctuary

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Target: Jodi Timms, Secretary of Peter Jolly’s Circus

Goal: Retire all of the animals used in Peter Jolly’s Circus to accredited sanctuaries.

A new investigation has revealed the deplorable condition animals endure in a popular circus. Animal Defenders International (ADI) has released footage of what happens to the animals of Peter Jolly’s Circus when they are not on stage.

In the winter months, animals are crammed into an enclosure so small that it is common for them to fight for space. In addition, many of the animals are tied up for extended periods of time. The ADI stated that some of them are tethered for 14 hours a day and on one occasion, they were tied up for 40 hours. Kashmir, a camel used by the circus, was held in his pen for six days without seeing sunlight or breathing in fresh air.

These animals are treated poorly and they should not have to endure another minute of it. Sign this petition and demand these animals are retired to an accredited sanctuary.


Dear Ms. Timms,

A new investigation led by Animal Defenders International (ADI) has been looking into the treatment of your animals. What was found was horrific.

In the winter months, your animals are held in a small enclosure and pens. This enclosure is so small that the animals tend to turn on each other for space. In addition, many of them are tied up for 14 hours a day. This is unacceptable. What is even worse is that on one occasion, the animals were tied up for 40 hours and a camel, named Kashmir, was held in his pen for six days straight. This is absolutely disgraceful.

Please consider retiring all of your animals to an accredited sanctuary where they can live the rest of their days happily among friends and in nature. If you truly care about these animals then you know this is what would be best for them.


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  1. Beth Knalfa says:

    I will do everything I can to shut you down. People DO NOT want to see animal entertainment, can you not understand that?

  2. Where is the mercy that all religions say should be given the creatures of this earth???? I find that mans inhumanity to man is only exceeded by his cruelty to animals. CLOSE THIS PRISON DOWN NOW!!!!

  3. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    All animals need to be left out of circuses and even more so the larger wild ones. Please do the right thing and release them to an accredited Sanctuary to live some semblance of a natural life. You have made money from them over time, so now be fair.

  4. Gerard FABIANO says:


  5. must free them now to freedom.

  6. these animals have worked enough now. sanctuary today for them.

  7. Stephanie Geyser says:

    Human circus performers choose to perform in a circus. Animals have NO choice.

  8. Karen Remnant says:

    A total ban on animals in circuses is desperately needed. No animal should used to entertain humans. All these animals need to be moved to sanctuaries. Maybe those making money out of this abuse should be held in similar conditions!

  9. A lot of countries have now outlawed and banned circus animal entertainment. It is now taboo, no longer excepted, no longer wanted. The animals are mistreated, the animals are miserable. What kind of entertainment is that! Release the animals to a sanctuary, modern up with the modern times and have non-animal entertainment. If you can’t handle human entertainment only, then close your circus down. Kids need up-date modern educational entertainment, not that of seeing suffering animals doing unnatural tricks.

  10. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

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