Punish Teens Arrested for Siccing Dogs on Neighbor’s Pet


Target: Darwin Tobias III, Chief of Police, Shamokin, Pennsylvania

Goal: Demand jail time for two young men accused of commanding their dogs to maul a cat to death.

A young man has been arrested for animal abuse after reportedly commanding his dog to attack a neighbor’s cat. According to the police, the 17-year-old and his friend were walking their dogs when they saw the neighbor’s cat walking along the street. For no reason other than to be cruel, the teens allegedly released their dogs from their leashes and allowed them to hunt, corner, and brutalize the cat. A video of the incident shows the two teens looking on as the cat is mauled, making no effort to retrieve their dogs until a witness appears. The cat later died from its injuries.

One teen was arrested and charged with two counts of felony animal cruelty, reckless endangerment, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct. He is currently being held in a juvenile detention facility. Police are still looking for the other young man and the two pit bulls involved in the incident. It is possible that the dogs have been trained to fight and/or attack on command.

This cat suffered unimaginable fear and pain before its death. In order to protect both animals and humans, it is imperative that both the other teenager and the two dogs are found. Sign the petition below to demand that the police seek the maximum possible punishment under the law and that the dogs are taken away and re-homed to responsible owners.


Dear Chief Darwin Tobias III,

A young man was recently arrested in connection with the mauling of a cat by two dogs. The two young men involved in the incident, who were seen walking their dogs on a security camera, allegedly stood by after ordering the pit bulls to attack the cat. The dogs inflicted such severe injuries that the cat died after the attack.

Not only does this incident show a disturbing lack of empathy on the part of the teens, but it could indicate that the dogs are trained to fight or attack on command. If the dogs are found to be trained for violence, the owners should be slapped with additional charges.

This incident shocked the entire community of Shamokin. It is imperative that both teens are punished to the fullest extent of the law to ensure that they do not re-offend. We, the undersigned, ask that you seek the maximum possible penalty for both of the young men and remove the dogs from their custody.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Brocken Inaglory

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  1. simon rickman simon rickman says:

    Max sentence for these nasty shits. Our world dont need scum like this. hope they die horribly, alone and scared, tasting their own blood

    • Janice Meyer says:

      It’s been proven that kids who enjoy inflicting abuse on animals are psychopaths and will eventually abuse and molest children. They lack empathy and compassion for animals or humans. These creeps need to be off the street for at least 20 years. With the new FBI criminal designation of felonies for crimes against animals, there have been sentences of 20 years and more for heinous crimes against animals. Pitbulls aren’t inherently vicious…people train them to be mean.

  2. Trisstan says:

    I don’t think the pitbulls should be held accountable for what their “masters” told them to do. They should be retrained and adopted by someone who loves and values animals. That poor cat. I hope his/her guardians seek damages.

    • I was going to type that too about the dogs! Glad others feel the same way! The pit bulls should absolutely NOT be held accountable!!!!

  3. Bev Woodburn says:

    These two teenage monsters must be jailed for deliberate animal torture and suffering. That poor little cat wasn,t doing anything wrong and those two vile and sadistic monsters set their dogs on him. I would like to get to these two vile and evil teenage monsters. They would know then what it is like being tortured to death and ripped apart. Die you pair of heartless bastards. This World would be a much more compassionate and respectful World without monsters like these vile and heartless fucks.

  4. diana guidi says:

    What they need to show is the pictures of these so called boys,post them every where in town. I am sure in there school year book they were most likely to be drop outs.Hope someone in town posts there names and pictures. Address would be great too!

  5. Nena Miller says:

    These useless pieces of pond scum need to be arrested and jailed. I can pretty much guarentee that they have already attended dog fights. and they taped the attack ? I imagine they posted it on some site. These kids are pretty much already gone emotionally. How do you take cruelty, callous, ignorant, and poor upbringing out of a 17 year old? you don’t ! useless pointless lives taking up space.


  7. Put these future serial killers and their parents in jail for years PLEASE. I do NOT want this kind of scum free to continue their mayhem. JAIL!

  8. Sarah Gallagher says:

    These are miserable excuses for human beings. Think – sociopath.

    “I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.”
    M Gandhi

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