Stop Killing Ostriches for Fashion Bags


Target: Miuccia Prada, CEO of Prada

Goal: Tell Prada to stop selling ostrich leather handbags made from slaughtered ostrich chicks.

A recent investigation into the Italian luxury fashion house Prada revealed that young ostriches are being slaughtered to make “goosebump” leather for the company’s bags. Prada specializes in costly leather handbags, but the material for these bags comes from ostrich chicks as young as one year old. According to PETA, “every Prada goosebump bag means a young ostrich has been turned upside down in a stunner then ejected to have its throat cut and be plucked in a miserable and terrifying slaughter.”

Ostrich leather, distinctive for its bumpy pattern, is seen as a luxury item in the fashion industry because it requires a specialized and costly production process. Ostrich farms in South Africa kill the animals for their feathers, skin and meat, and ostrich leather is produced from tanning skins. Approximately 90 percent of this ostrich leather is exported to fashion manufacturers in Europe and East Asia. The consumers who buy these products, however, are usually not aware of the inhumane treatment that went into the production of their handbags. While ostrich chicks in the wild stay with their parents up to the age of three, on farms the young are separated at birth and kept in feedlots until their eventual slaughter.

PETA recently announced that it has acquired shares in Prada in order to work from the inside to discourage the use of ostrich leather in handbags, hoping to take “the fight against cruelty into Prada meeting rooms.” Sign the petition below to urge Prada to heed these protests and stop using ostrich leather in its bags.


Dear Ms. Prada,

According to animal rights group PETA, ostrich chicks as young as one year old are being slaughtered to create the material for Prada fashion house’s “goosebump” leather handbags. PETA is working to reveal the cruel and inhumane treatment of these ostriches, stating that they are “turned upside down in a stunner then ejected to have their throats cut and be plucked in a miserable and terrifying slaughter.” Your company has the chance to use its considerable influence in the fashion industry to end the use of ostrich leather in handbags.

Ostrich leather comes from farms in South Africa where the large birds are killed for their feathers, skin and meat. The animals on these farms are treated horribly, and consumers deserve to know where fashion manufacturers acquire the material for the products that they purchase. Ostrich chicks born in the wild have a close relationship with their parents, staying with them up to the age of three. On the farms, however, the young are separated at birth and kept in feedlots until their eventual slaughter.

I am urging you to heed PETA’s protests and end the use of ostrich leather in your company’s bags. Please do not support this cruel and unethical process, and set Prada apart as an example for the rest of the fashion industry to follow.


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Photo Credit: William Warby

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  1. Stop killing innocent animals, this is barbaric , dont buy the handbags, boycott the company

  2. sandra mason says:

    killing an innocent defenseless creature is never pretty or fashionable.. I have a black faux leather purse that women compliment all the time. you don’t need to carry a dead animal to have something worth having. it carries my stuff just fine and it looks good. what else do you need in a purse. you use a purse from an animal and you are carrying a purse full of blood and guts.

  3. Jenny Rae says:

    Fashion at the cost of an animals life is not OK. Too much money not enough brain matter, you disgust me.

  4. Finally a petition for that on this site thank you! i saw the pictures on peta it’s horrible, hermès et prada these brands for rich bastards, they are disgusting. These ostriches have just one year old!!! we must do the same thing to women and men who buy these products with so much indifference: leather, down, fur, feather, silk and wool! pearls and horns, ivory etc. STOP EXPLOITATION AND KILLING ANIMALS FOR HUMAN RACE!

  5. The devil wears Prada. This is obscene, disgusting and depraved.

  6. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

  7. Karen Remnant says:

    Target those vain individuals who buy these bags! Name and shame the selfish, brain dead arseholes.


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