Demand Monkey Breeder Shut Down Operation

Monkey Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary

Target: Jamie Crawford, Owner of Rainbow Primates

Goal: End the sale and breeding of monkeys through the company Rainbow Primates.

Rainbow Primates is a company based out of North Carolina that breeds and sells monkeys. Monkeys belong in the wild and not people’s homes. Nine years ago, the company sold a capuchin monkey to a family, and the stress of captive life almost led to his death.

First the monkey, named Jersey, became aggressive due to his confinements. He became just another annoyance to the family so they moved him to the garage. Now, Jersey was captive and alone. Capuchin monkeys live in large social groups in the wild. Being alone caused Jersey to nibble off his toes and start chewing on his fingers.

Thankfully, the family brought him to a sanctuary where he now is recovering and beginning to adjust to the life he deserves. Sign this petition and demand this company ends the sale and breeding of monkeys.


Dear Ms. Crawford,

For years, your company has been breeding and selling monkeys. This in itself is cruel. Monkeys belong in the wild, not in captivity.

Nine years ago, your company sold a capuchin monkey to a family. The monkey, named Jersey, became aggressive due to his confinement. This led the family to put Jersey in the garage where he was now alone as well as imprisoned. Due to these various stressors, Jersey nibbled off his toes and began to bite at his hands. Thankfully, Jersey was taken to a sanctuary where he is now adjusting to the life that he deserves.

Please stop breeding and selling monkeys. To continue doing so is selfish. If you truly loved and cared about monkeys, you would shut down this company and encourage a life in the wild.


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Photo credit: Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary

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  1. How deplorable. No primate should be bred this way, confined,so anxious they start to physically destroy themselves, frustrated, no interaction with their own, trapped mostly in their own minds.

    May those involved live the same way.

  2. I f-n HATE breeders and all the unbelievable misery they create, as WELL as the pathetic losers who buy from them, without a thought in their decayed minds about what THEY do to the poor animals. May they all suffer to the exact, same degree as what they make these other living beings endure!

  3. The best way to stop this crap is to publish his address, some caring sole will come along and beat the life out of the POS…..

  4. Seriously is this for real? What America think this is acceptable?? I went on their site says all monkeys have been bottle fed and wear diapers,has your Country gone mad absolutely disgusting.

  5. And there’s pictures of them all dressed up these are wild animals not toys.

  6. Most shocking thing on their site is stated they have a USDA License so dont know why this petition on here in first place cos America thinks its ok to do this.

  7. Beth Knalfa says:

    This place is Highway 11 and 55 in Goldsboro, NC. It’s not even listed on MAP QUEST. These are wild animals, imperative this is shut down!! How do these “breeders” sleep at night. DISGUSTING.

  8. Anita Culling says:

    ALL animals belong in the wild or at least in a safe sanctuary. Evil to imprison animals and take them away from their natural life

  9. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

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