Stop Working Elephants to Death Hauling Tourists

elephant ride by RichardBH

Target: Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Cambodia

Goal: Outlaw the use of elephants by tourism companies.

An elephant recently died in Cambodia, allegedly of exhaustion, after it was forced to carry tourists through a historical site in extremely hot weather. The practice of using elephants to carry tourists—sometimes called elephant trekking—is common in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, and there have been many more victims throughout the history of this cruel industry.

The elephants owned by the tourist companies are taken from their mothers at a very young age. The baby elephants are then tortured, so that they will become completely submissive to humans. They are locked in small cages, beaten, deprived of water, and starved. The result is a docile elephant which will not fight when humans climb on its back.

These elephants are forced to carry tourists all day in the heat—temperatures that can easily be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The handlers do not allow the animals to take breaks to eat, drink water, or cool down. Many of them die from heat stroke or exhaustion.

This cruel industry preys upon westerners’ love of elephants, but there is no love for these animals in this business—only exploitation and abuse. Sign the petition below to encourage Cambodia to outlaw elephant trekking.


Dear Prime Minister Hun Sen,

An elephant recently died, allegedly of exhaustion, at Angor Wat in Cambodia after it was forced to carry tourists through the temple complex in the brutal heat. This elephant is not the first victim of the elephant trekking industry.

Elephants often die of exhaustion or heatstroke when they are forced to carry tourists non-stop, with no chance to eat, drink, or cool down. This is after they have been stolen from their families and tortured for their entire lives. Baby elephants are beaten, starved, and deprived of water in order to make them submissive. They are only obedient because they have been so severely abused that they have no will to fight left in them.

This is an incredibly sad way to live and die. Wild animals are not ours for entertainment. They are meant to live freely in the wild. I urge you to stop the abuse and murder of elephants in Cambodia. Encourage Parliament to outlaw the practice of making elephants entertain and carry tourists. Too many creatures have suffered already.


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Photo credit: RichardBH

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  1. Elsie Cambridge says:

    Next, stop the highly questionable export of baby elephants ripped from their mothers in the wild and sold to US and filthy Chinese zoos. Twenty-five baby elephants were recently exported to China from Zimbabwe to be beaten into submission until they will allow tourists to ride and feed them. Highly questionable, because it shouldn’t have happened. For China, there are reports of falsification of reports that Zimbabwe had more elephants than it actually has so that this questionable deal could go through. Demand the release of those elephants and stop the export and exploitation of wildlife for profit wherever it occurs.

  2. if only these stupid tourists knew what happens for the elephants before they put their disgusting ass on them! there has to be local activists who explain them and fight for freedom of elephants in these countries

  3. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    That’s not an Asian kid on the back of the elephant. Petitions need to be directed at irresponsible travel agencies who schedule and promote this sort of “attraction.”

  4. Just wish please God that all elephants were stopped from being taken out of the wild & treated so badly by most of these horrid in humans they treat them so bad & use those awful bull hooks on them & make them do tricks that are not meant for elephants they are miss handled & they should be treated with respect & never are. Please God do something & Karma I wish you would come too & teach these in humans a lesson in animal humanity & STOP ABUSING THEM. LEAVE THEM IN THE WILD THEY ARE NOT YOUR PROPETY TO START WITH YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO THEM AT ALL SET THEM FREE.


  6. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared. ?

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