Stop Cruel “Swim With Dolphins” Amusement Park in Desert

dolphin by dbmcclellan

Target: Mauricio Martinez del Alva, CEO of Ventura Entertainment

Goal: Don’t build a park to hold dolphins in captivity in the desert.

A “swim with dolphins” tourist attraction is currently being constructed in Arizona. According to reports, a Mexico-based firm, Dolphinaris and its parent company, Ventura Entertainment, are responsible for the project. Their plan is to build a one million gallon tank, which will house eight dolphins, and charge customers to get in the water with the animals.

Dolphins are not suited to live in tanks full of chlorinated water where they are repeatedly forced to interact with humans. According to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation group, these conditions can put the animals under extreme stress, which can lead to lack of appetite, weight loss, anti-social behavior, stomach ulcers, and increased likelihood of contracting fatal diseases.

Dolphin-human interactions are also not as safe as attractions like these lead the public to believe. Dolphins can spread infections to humans, and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation group has documented many incidents of physical injuries resulting from human-dolphin interactions, including broken bones and bitten fingers.

Dolphins are not pets to be used for humans’ entertainment. They are wild animals. This project will exploit dolphins for monetary gain, endangering their health in the process. Sign the petition below to stop the construction of this dolphin park.


Dear Mr. Martinez del Alva,

A dolphin park currently under construction in the Arizona desert will do irreparable damage to the creatures you plan to house in it. Dolphins are not pets; they are wild animals. Dolphins are meant to live freely in the ocean, not in chlorinated tanks where they are constantly forced to interact with humans.

You received a letter in January from the Whale and Dolphin Conservation group, informing you of the potentially dire consequences of this project. Dolphins in captivity that are forced to interact with humans daily are under extreme stress. Their stress is so extreme that they can experience anti-social behavior, weight loss, stomach ulcers, diseases and even death.

The letter also informed you that swimming with dolphins is not a safe activity for humans, as dolphins can spread bacteria to humans, and may become so aggressive towards humans that they bite or cause broken bones.

You may think that this project will be profitable for you, but the public is waking up to the cruel realities of animals held in captivity. Sea World has ceased breeding orcas in captivity because of public pressure. People are realizing that animals are not toys for our entertainment; they are beings which think, feel, and experience suffering like we do.

I urge you to end this unethical project immediately. Do not force any more animals to suffer.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: dbmcclellan

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  1. KatWrangler says:

    We go to the Sarasota Fla area every year and one of my favorite things is to see dolphins, and manatees, out in the bay WHERE THEY BELONG, and not being held captive and molested by a-hole humans. I do not ever want to swim with them or subjugate them for my “entertainemnt”. What crap!

    The irony here is dolphiins are as smart, or smarter, then humans.

  2. Having modern education on knowing what animals need in order to survive and be healthy in life, keeping dolphins in captivity for human entertainment is appalling. It would be catastrophe for them. Why would anyone would WANT to subject them to this kind of abuse? A stupid idea.

  3. it’s like pigs, they have a friendly face almost all the time but it doesn’t mean they want to swim with you or entertain you! of course it’s not a pet, and i wonder why people want to swim with dolphins! they have nothing in brain, tourist attractions are outrageous! let the animals alone with their family and mates in their natural habitat, it’s too much to ask of course. And this project must be expensive too and uses so much water and chemical products! i hope they won’t do profit!

  4. It is so depressing how many animals are destroyed in the name of greed from the filthy and polluted meat industry, the use of pesticides that kill pollinators, and the use of animals for the pleasure of morons who think swimming with a captive animal is fun and then claim they “love” dolphins.

    The ignorant fools who take part in this are more responsible than the scum who provide such “fun.” Without the idiots who pay to participate there would be no profit and then no show.

    • Exactly!!! It’s PEOPLE/tourists most to blame! Without THEM, these horrible venues wouldn’t even exist! When are humans going to start CARING what they do to nonhumans????

  5. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

  6. ENOUGH of the animal abuse! Find other employment

  7. Shirl Ann Wong says:

    A tank in the desert – to hot during the day and to cold at night – this is not a place for dolphins or any animal to be held captive-

  8. Sarah Ward says:

    People like to swim with dolphins.

    Activists are always harping about how intelligent and social dolphins are.

    The logical extension of that thinking is that dolphins like to swim with humans.

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