Stop the Slaughter of Thousands of Rhinos


Target: President of South Africa Jacob Zuma

Goal: Do not lift international ban on rhino horn trade.

With the spike of 1,305 African Rhinos poached in 2015 the importance of focusing on conservation efforts is paramount. Despite this South Africa is debating on whether to lift the ban on international trade of rhino horn at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species in Johannesburg in the fall. Creating a legal market for rhino horns will remove the stigma of consumption of endangered species, and reinvigorate the market that pushed the rhino, and so many other species, to the brink of extinction.

Rhino numbers have not gotten the chance to recover from over hunting. In the past, 500,000 rhinos roamed Asia and Europe, but at present only 28,000 remain. Lifting the ban on the trade will give poachers a legal market for laundering horns, and give criminal groups and incentive to continue hunting rhinos. In addition, legalizing the sale of rhino horns increases the danger for the Sumatran Rhino and the Javan Rhino, both of which number under 100.

The ban on the sale of rhino horns was placed due to the insatiable demand for rhino horn nearly wiping out an entire species across the globe. Lifting this ban before populations have recovered leaves the species vulnerable and valuable to poachers looking to take advantage of the fresh market. Ensure that this critical ban is not lifted by signing the petition.


Dear President Jacob Zuma,

Poaching has recently undone much of the conservation efforts to regrow rhinoceros populations in Africa over the last few years. With the huge hit on rhino populations, now is the time to redouble conservation efforts, not open a new market. We demand that Rhino horn stays illegal on international trade fronts.

Rhinoceros horn may be a coveted rarity in many Asian countries, but legalizing the trade will open up demand across the globe that will lead to the extreme destruction of Rhinoceros populations across the globe. Pushing to open legal international trade will reignite the insatiable desire of the world for rhino horn, one that the current population of 28,000 rhinos on the African and Asian continent simply cannot sustain.

Do not push to legalize rhinoceros horn at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species. We demand that rhino horns remain illegal to trade internationally to save the species from increased poaching risk.


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Photo Credit: Lucas Alexander

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  1. Cheryl Anderson says:

    This monstrosity has to stop.

  2. Cheryl Anderson says:

    It is what it, just wrong,a disgrace,and against what any human being that believes in saving the the beauty of the world and all the animals,creatures on it needs to be protected.
    . Well,I will say except for the a..-….s that don’t think of nothing other than what works or makes there lives simple. Just like the thinking.
    I mean come on if we don’t start doing something,who will. Come on peeps. Huh

  3. Jacob – This Iconic animal needs protection and you have been delegated to provide it. Please do the right thing here and keep in place the international ban on rhino horn trade. The Rhino are part of the Animal Kingdom, who, by the way, are citizens of this Earth too…

  4. Marcio Alvarez says:

    The human species has become so disturbed, so insane, so self centred with its fatally wrong disillusion of grandeur and superiority and eternally wrong belief to be some kind of master to the planet, when in fact we are but a passing moment of degeneracy. If the great dinosaurs disappeared through no fault of their conscious doing, so will we. Stop all the destruction of innocent animals and plants and all that is natural NOW.

  5. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

  6. Why would you even think of lifting this ban. I am sickened by the trophy hunts that still continue regardless of the out rage over this. These countries are corrupt beyond belief. Why else would they allow these disgusting trophy hunts.
    All these poor magnificent are killed because of money. Wake up society before there is none left. We all have something to contribute to this earth. We must start to be good stewards of this earth. Protect not kill.

  7. As someone living in South Africa where this atrocious practice appears to be out of control, I am totally against legalizing the trade.
    There are some pretty powerful people in our country that are advocating that the trade should be legalized, but I have to say that all that I see is that they would like it legalized because it will keep them living in the opulent lifestyles to which they have become accustomed.
    Killing animals for profit is nothing short of greed and bears the stamp of being inherently evil.

  8. Bev Woodburn says:

    These atrocities committed against such precious Rhinos purely for GREED must be stopped and banned forever.

    Do not lift international ban on rhino horn trade. This must not happen.

    Doesn’t the GREEDY human species murder enough of our precious Wildlife?

    If the human species have there way there will be nothing left and all the precious Wildlife will become extinct as well as all the helpless animals Worldwide.
    The heartless and sadistic human species is not happy unless they are murdering the innocent.

    Who will they hunt and murder then?

    “There own species”.

    The human species.

  9. Anita Culling says:

    Stop it. Things need to change. Protect these animals

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