Tell Prince William to Stop Promoting Trophy Hunting

Target: Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

Goal: Urge Prince William to stop promoting trophy hunting as a means of conservation and condemn the practice instead.

Media outlets that are publishing photos of the British royals feeding endangered baby animals are quick to forget Prince William’s recent support of trophy hunting. While the Duke and Duchess were recently photographed feeding orphaned rhinos and elephants, William recently commented that “there’s a place for commercial hunting,” and “it is a justifiable means of conserving species that are under serious threat.” This is literally saying that the best way to protect an animal is to hunt and kill it.

This statement is widely incompatible with his grand speeches on the importance of wildlife conservation and his positions as president of United for Wildlife and the Tusk Trust.

Instead of promoting trophy hunting, Prince William should serve as a true spokesperson for wildlife and use his considerable influence to condemn this loathsome practice and ensure it is outlawed. Sign this petition urging him to speak up for wild animals, not against them.


Dear Prince William,

While the photographs of you and your wife feeding orphaned animals at an Indian Wildlife Sanctuary are inspiring, your recent comments promoting trophy hunting are not. In an interview with ITV News you said that “there’s a place for commercial hunting” and that “it is a justifiable means of conserving species that are under serious threat.” This ludicrous suggestion that the best way of protecting animals is by killing them is highly destructive and puts wildlife in grave danger.

These comments are also highly inappropriate and incompatible with your positions as president of United for Wildlife and the Tusk Trust and self-proclaimed interest in wildlife conservation.

I urge you to stop promoting trophy hunting and use your considerable influence to condemn it and have this gruesome practice outlawed instead.


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Photo credit: Bernard Dupont

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  1. Lisbeth Westmark says:

    Your mother was Lady Diana. Don’t same her beloved
    name. This makes you nothing like her. She was beautiful inside and out. Make her proud and stop your Evil shit.

    • Jacqueline Farquhar says:

      actually to my knowledge she shot an animal when she was with Charles, apparently not outright and she then fainted, because it wasn’t dead, just badly hurt (by her). just cannot remember at the moment what it was, probably a stag? so they are actually tarnished with the same brush, sorry.

  2. Lisbeth Westmark says:

    Your mother was Lady Diana. Don’t shame her beloved
    name. This makes you nothing like her. She was beautiful inside and out. Make her proud and stop your Evil shit.

  3. I’m really surprised and shocked that a son of Princess Diana would be so poorly educated about endangered animal conservation…..we are so far PAST the idea that killing any number of an endangered species would help it in any way, that its simply amazing he doesn’t know any better.

    He needs to be educated, and become a spokesman for endangered animals…..

  4. That whole family sucks they are evil and greedy bastards.

    • Well said. Prince William plays the clean prince, perfect image with his wife etc in the media, NOW like almost all the sick rich people, they do trophy hunting and wear fur and support other atrocities! because apparently they are so bored in their free time but HUNTING TROPHY HUNTING is not a game, a pleasure for the victims! if he cares about his popularity, he must stop now! poor animals again. “he needs to be educated” i agree. Oh hell, this is an old concept, Wake up.

  5. I often wonder about the fun a hunter gets from hunting. Especially the killing part. Does the hunter actually ENJOY watching the animal it shoots as it is writhing and thrashing about in pain, not understanding what is happening to it, panicking in ultimate fear? Watching as the last few moments of that animal’s life is slipping away? The stark fear and excruciating pain in the animal’s eyes? The bubbling, rasping noises coming from their throats as they bleed internally? Is this what they see as FUN???? Apparently, there is no satisfaction in hunting something that doesn’t suffer when you kill it. And, please do not talk of the fun of the pursuit. The SPORT of tracking a wild animal. These animals have absolutely NO chance. Remember just HOW Cecil was tracked and killed. At night, with food as bait, shot with a bow and arrow and left to die after 40 hours of pain and panic. Hunting today, with high powered rifles, camouflage clothing, scent-killing wipes and other devices used to keep the animal ignorant of their approach is NOT a sport. It is completely unfair to the unsuspecting wild animals. Is that the fun the hunters get from the KILL?

    • Jaime Perez says:

      I totally agree with you. How can a person sleep at night knowing they’ve murdered an innocent animal? I have a relative who “invented” an elk scent–it masks your human odor so you can sneak up on unsuspecting elk and kill them! I am so ashamed and angry at her, I can’t see straight. Humans are so cruel and heartless when it comes to animals.

  6. Karen Wonnell says:

    I believe that trophy hunters do this evil because it is
    the only way they can get their pencil dicks and raisin nuts to give them a charge.

  7. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

  8. Elva Granat says:

    Why don’t you help animals instead? What needless cruelty. What disgraceful behavior.

  9. They literally live off the fat of the country. The least they could do is preserve something other than the queens jewels. Give me a break, grow the hell up and get a real life. Shame on you. If you worked a normal job, you wouldn’t be able to afford those hunts.

  10. Bev Woodburn says:

    Prince William is as guilty and vile as the gun happy subhuman monsters who enjoy murdering the Wildlife.
    He deserves to be prosecuted and jailed for his vile and evil sadism.
    What the f— is he thinking of. He is suppose to show compassion for the Wildlife and all animals and not to promoting the vile and heartless trophy hunters. Be like your mother Dianna and start showing compassion, respect, empathy, integrity and moral ethics for the innocent.
    You are an absolute disgrace.

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