Make Battery Cages on Egg Farms Illegal

Target: Chad Gregory, President & CEO United Egg Producers

Goal: End the use of cruel battery cages on egg farms by making cage-free the only standard certification.

An undercover video recently released by Mercy for Animals depicts shocking and abusive conditions at United Egg Producers (UEP) certified farms. Among the atrocities captured on the video are dead, rotting corpses left in cages alongside live birds still laying eggs for human consumption. Some birds are allegedly packed so tightly into cages they can barely move while others are trampled by their mates in their efforts to reach food and water. Mercy for Animals also claims that birds with serious medical concerns were denied veterinary care.

Many large, well-known retailers across the U.S. have already elected to sell only cage-free eggs. It’s time for egg farms to catch up to consumer desires and provide better living conditions for their hens. Demand the UEP standards are updated to exclude the use of cages.


Dear Mr. Gregory,

Recently released undercover footage reveals horrific conditions at UEP-certified egg farms. The birds on many of these farms live in cages with individual spaces no larger than a sheet of notebook paper. The video captures dead birds in with live ones, birds trampling each other, and other atrocities.

Due to consumer input, retailers across the U.S. have already moved toward cage-free eggs. Certification standards must also catch up with the wishes of the public.

We demand UEP standards are updated to exclude the use of cages.


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Photo Credit: Compassion Over Killing

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  1. Beth Knalfa says:

    WHAT is the problem??? DOES the UEP have NO control? Consumers are sick and tired of this constant nonstop abuse! I HAVE STOPPED PURCHASING EGGS! Why? Because you treat ALL of your chickens, who supply your hefty paychecks, like garbage. UNBELIEVABLE.

    • don’t forget the male chicks! this is the most cruel of all animal industries for me (egg industry), thanks to them and some investigators i changed myself. STOP ANIMAL INDUSTRY EXPLOITATION
      Consumers are also still cruel by the way they’re thinking. Not totally evolved yet. This sucks.

    • Jaime Perez says:

      I agree with you Beth, what is taking so long for things to change? I too do not buy eggs anymore.

  2. Even free range hens are forced to lay more eggs than they naturally can.

    And what of the millions of male chicks that are thrown ALIVE into mincers simply because they are no use to the egg industries.

  3. Elaine Vileria says:

    It makes me wonder where these disgusting farms obtain their workers. They are certainly not ‘normal’ people…..enjoying the torture of others. These workers are obviously serial killers on parole, trying to get off in another way. OR….they are outpatients from a mental hospital, and they have no clue what they are doing. OR…..
    they are veterans of war that lost their minds while they were in combat. Ask yourself….do you know ANYBODY that would take a job mutilating a living creature?

  4. Cira carreno says:

    This cruelty need to stop!, some humans are so grotesque and hungry for $$ . Live and let live, with kindness and respect toward our fellow animals.

  5. free range for the hens now.

  6. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

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