Don’t Ban National Animal Charity From Protecting Animals


Target: Chief Constable Sara Thornton, Chair of the National Police Chiefs’ Council

Goal: Don’t call for the RSPCA to be banned from prosecuting animal cruelty cases.

Police in the U.K. are calling for a national animal protection charity to have its prosecution powers revoked. Currently, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) prosecutes 80 percent of all animal cruelty cases, saving the government 43 million pounds (the equivalent of 61 million U.S. dollars) per year.

However, the National Police Chief’s Council (NPCC) is calling for the charity to be banned from prosecuting animal cruelty cases. This would leave countless animals at risk of abuse and allow perpetrators to walk free. This includes people who abuse their pets or other animals as well hunters who kill animals illegally.

Sign this petition urging the NPCC to stop calling for animals to be put at risk by curbing the RSPCA’s capacity to protect them.


Dear Chief Thornton,

The NPCC has called for the RSPCA to have its prosecution powers revoked despite the charity’s long-standing and vital work protecting animals. Currently, the RSPCA prosecutes 80 percent of all animal cruelty cases. This saves the government 43 million pounds and protects countless animals form abuse.

We urge you to stop calling for the charity to be banned from prosecuting animal cruelty cases and to support the RSPCA and all its valuable work instead.


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Photo credit: Martin Cathrae

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  1. Janet Pietrasz says:

    What an absolutely ridiculous idea to prevent the RSPCA from bringing much needed prosecutions !! The man who suggested this should happen should be sacked !!!!!!!!!

    • Chris Cuirran says:

      It’s quite obvious that whoever is backing the vindictive campaign to prevent the RSPCA from prosecuting animal cruelty cases, including hunting with dogs, has an axe to grind. The RSPCA has been prosecuting cases of animal cruelty for nigh on 200 years so why all of a sudden are certain people aiming to prevent the charity from continuing its well-established role in UK and throughout the world too.

  2. From all I have seen the UK needs to step up prosecution of animal abusers, the news is full of reports of heinous cases of abuse like those two idiots who killed their family’s that by torturing him throwing him down the stairs and enjoying and laughing at the poor creatures screams!!!the police should be happy for any help catching these sadistic freaks. In the U.S. The FBI follows these crimes as 98% of serail killers started by toturing and killing animals like these tools. Wake up!! How could any sane person want scary dangerous people like this roaming free. Especially The underage abusers. I have kids, what if one of these sickos is in school with my kids?? Or they come over to our house for play date?? I do not want my children around that, their names should b made public!

  3. What is wrong with the police in the U.K. With all the sick subhuman freaks loose, torturing and killing innocent animals, why in the hell would law enforcement want the RSPCA to stop prosecuting these monsters?!

    Are they insane?! The cops, I mean. Sadistic sociopaths need to be taken off the street–to stop harming animals AND humans. They are a danger to any living being that they encounter. There should be a public registry of their names (as is becoming more common in the U.S.) to make people aware of these sick criminals and help protect their pets and themselves!

  4. RSPCA prosecuting powers MUST be increased and NOT ceased.Obviously the Police in the UK are highly corrupt, and seek pleasure in abusing and killing animals.
    Wake up UK!
    Terminate the employment immediately of the vile morons who suggested banning the RSPCA from prosecuting UK animal abuse cases.

  5. Bear de Mel says:

    I believe that the recent prolonged varied attacks on the RSPCA, are part of a devious manipulative plan to clear away all opposition to the cruelty involved in hunting. I understand that it has been hinted that royal patronage will be removed unless opposition to hunting is dropped by the Society. Many of these sadists are powerful, well placed and utterly determined. We have to be equally determined for the sake of the animals.


  7. Why? Ludicrous and shows the world you have no respect for animals and the cruelty these poor creatures face.

  8. Patricia Betty says:

    With cruelty on the increase it is vital that the RSPCA retains the right to investigate and prosecute animal abusers. This review is a thinly veiled attempt by the hunters on the EFRA committee to remove the last threat of being punished for illegal hunting. That the Police Chiefs actually mention the countryside alliance as an authority on whether or not the RSPCA should retain the right to prosecute and investigate speaks volumes. The police, even if they were motivated to do so, could not pick up the work of the RSPCA. The hunt saboteurs groups nation wide have irrefutable evidence of police protecting hunts and harassing those trying to save foxes from illegal hunting. The CPS is underfunded and overstretched, it will not be taking animal cruelty cases to court as a priority. We need our RSPCA. Hands off EFRA.

  9. Chris Cuirran says:

    I am appalled and disgusted with the Countryside Alliance. These people are not an authority on anything except how to hunt foxes and kill other wildlife. The only reason they want to stop the RSPCA from prosecuting is simply because they want to hunt illegally with impunity. Unfortunately many people are deceived by their devious propaganda and don’t realize what their ultimate aim is. Furthermore, this callous blood-sports loving government will do anything to enable their cohorts to hunt our wild animals as promised. They are fully aware it could never legitimately get the hunting Act repealed because of majority opposition. What is so sickening is that if the RSPCA is not able to prosecute cases of animal cruelty there is no way that the government is going to fund all the cases that the charity and its members pay for at the moment.In other words many of the perpetrators of animal cruelty will be getting away with it and more animals will suffer. The selfishnesss and callousness of the Countryside Alliance is outstanding and beyond belief.

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