Shut Down Deplorable Roadside Zoo


Target: Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Commissioner N. Gunter Guy, Jr.

Goal: Investigate and close down the Mobile Zoo for insufficient staff leading to severe animal neglect.

The Mobile Zoo, a decrepit roadside attraction in Wilmer, Alabama, has gained notoriety for repeatedly mistreating the animals held captive there and for neglecting to improve its squalid facilities.

As Alabama Local News reported last year, a recent inspection of the Mobile Zoo by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) “found numerous infractions including food spoilage that led to maggot infestation, nails jutting out of structures and lack of employees.” The zoo is home to over 70 animals, and employs only two people. The result is neglect on a massive scale, leading to appalling and dangerous living conditions for the animals.

Two years ago, a USDA report cited the Mobile Zoo for 14 violations. In a section titled “Handling of Animals,” it is reported that a bear was languishing in a den that was 150 degrees on the ceiling and 79 degrees on the floor. The roof of the den was made of metal and had no insulation. There was no means of reducing the temperature. When inspectors entered the enclosure, the bear that was lying on the ground struggled to stand up in the oppressive heat, panting heavily and salivating excessively.

A woman who briefly worked at the Mobile Zoo told PETA that the animals “were often fed rotten, moldy, expired or inappropriate food.” In one particularly egregious case of neglect, “an ostrich who had fallen into a water tank was reportedly denied veterinary care and died of hypothermia.”

Even by roadside zoo standards, the Mobile Zoo is an absolute disgrace. Something must be done. Please sign the petition demanding that the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources launch a thorough investigation into this hellscape and facilitate its closure.


Dear Mr. Guy,

The Mobile Zoo in Wilmer, Alabama, is a disgrace. Despite the fact that over 70 animals are confined there, it employs only two people. Because of the inadequate staff, the animals are constantly neglected and forced to live in squalid, unsanitary conditions.

Over the past few years, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has cited the Mobile Zoo for dozens of violations, ranging from inadequate housing facilities to using maggot-infested freezers to store food for the animals.

It is bad enough that these animals are forced to spend their days in solitary confinement, robbed of everything that is essential to their emotional well-being. The fact that they are also subjected to neglect and unsafe living conditions is completely despicable. Please do everything in your power to help close this sordid facility and retire the animals to reputable sanctuaries where they will receive the care they need and deserve.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Ejaz Younis

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  1. I thought that there was an agency or government group that prevents and closes these type of roadside “zoos”?. Isn’t it illegal for them to operate like that. What does the USDA do just monitor?? The story says they know about this hell hole?? What agency is responsible for a place with a history of these violations still operating??? What the heck are they doing with my hard earned dollars I fork over in taxes?? Do not let an a envy that does not do its job have my tax dollars to pay salaries and not deliver results, I do not want to pay to have folks “monitor” a horrible roadside animal torture, they need to do something.



  3. Do you eat the rotten meat yourselves or is it just for the poor God forsaken animals supposedly in your care? Charge the bastards and remove the animals to a proper shelter.

  4. I fail to understand why these seedy one-stop, health hazard, roadside zoos are still in existence when they should have been banned and outlawed years ago. These horrid animal attractions have been going on for decades. The tide is turning for animals living in captivity and these corner store zoos are out-of-date with the times for the standard ethical humane treatment for animals. It is a money making gimmick for irresponsible owners who make profits off of the animal’s suffering. It is 2016, not the primitive past anymore, animals should not ever have to exist in these kind of horrid conditions when there are beautiful sanctuaries that can give them a loving fulfilling life. Shame on the USDA and all other parties involved in letting this abuse to innocent animals continue.

  5. Gerard FABIANO says:


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