Soccer Legend Must Stop Participating in Exotic Game Hunts


Target: Hristo Stoichkov

Goal: Condemn soccer star for participation in safari and big game hunts.

Hristo Stoichkov is regarded as one of Europe’s greatest modern athletes, which makes his appearance in trophy hunting photos all the more painful. Now 50, the former athlete has been seen in a variety of photographs from Mebenca safari park located in northern South Africa. Stoichkov can be seen posed with dead giraffes, bobcats, zebra, gazelle and a number of other big game.

Some of the photos have been removed from the website since the original outcry, and it is not entirely clear when exactly the photos were taken. What is clear, however, is the disillusionment many, especially Bulgarians, have faced upon seeing their idol so tainted. Stella Reicheva of the Bulgarian Animal Rescue Organization said to the Daily Mail, “for us he is a legend, but what he has done in Africa is sad and barbaric.”

Celebrities carry a lot of weight with their actions and statements; they influence many people. It is always sad to see people who are role models for younger generations engage in such behaviors as trophy hunting. With so many species flagged as endangered, this disregard is almost disgusting.

Tell Mr. Stoichkov that is hunts are despicable, that in the modern world there is no place for such barbarism. There is especially no reason to proudly display photographs of these murders on the internet for fans and impressionable young eyes to see. While there is nothing that can be done for the lives lost, it is not too late for the star to call off these hunts and think about the lives of these animals, and the future of their species over his own desire for entertainment.


Dear Mr. Stoichkov,

I am writing to express my disappointment in your choice of hobbies. Hunting big game for so-called “sport” is nothing to be proud of. It is a barbaric practice. To see a revered athlete such as yourself posing with your victims in photographs is, in a word, disgusting. Many of these animals face endangerment.

There is no sport in chasing down an animal whose species is already struggling to survive when so called “hunters” gun them down for something as petty as entertainment.

While the lives you have already taken cannot be replaced, and an apology is cold comfort, you can stop. Big game hunting is a farce, an outdated practice that serves no purpose but to gloat over cigars and overpriced booze, and for what? So that bragging rights can be claimed for being one of the many who speeds along the extinction of a species? Please, don’t buy into such greed. Please, consider the effect your hunts have on these animals and on the future of our planet and stop murdering them.


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Photo Credit: Inafrika

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  1. simon hooper says:

    what a revolting arsehole I hope he has a car accident to stop the filth from killing animals.

  2. This is so sad and before long these majestic animals will be gone forever. STOP THE INSANITY AND STOP THE KILLING.


  3. Chris Sante says:

    Coño , carajete de Mierda ,tiraste por la borda la imagen que tuve de ti.
    No eres mas que un puto cobarde.
    Es muy ser valiente con un rifle a 200 metros pero eres un maldito cobarde que encuentra bello matar a una creatura bella y magnifica.
    Jamas habra belleza en el acto de Matar ,grabatelo en tu cabeza de Cerdo,puto Imbecil.

  4. The only good hunter is a dead one.Hunt the hunter!

  5. You have a GUN and stalk a defenceless animal to kill it. A good hunter wouldn’t need a gun, I suggest the money you spend on these glory trips of yours be redirected to animal welfare.

  6. Marcio Alvarez says:

    The most dispised football player with these revelations. Think of this Hristo: Maradonna is disliked if not unfairly hated for his abuse of substances that only affected his family and his performance as an athlete in the sport, he’s also disliked for the hand of ball incident. Yet he never committed a detestable primitive act like you often have. Can you imagine once the word spreads how despised you will be around the globe??? If Diego who is regarded world wide as one if not the best of all time is not forgiven by many, how will it be for you being a sadistic primitive asshole???

  7. Gerard FABIANO says:


  8. Hristo, I know you were brilliant in World Cup 1994 for Bulgaria reaching the semis and I enjoy watching you play in various videos over the years but killing innocent animals and posing with them is absolutely sick and disgusting. Please stop this sick and barbaric act, it’s not funny and it’s not cool either, especially as most of those animals are on the CITES Endangered lists. You are supposed to be a role model for aspiring footballers everywhere and you should know better especially as both Bulgaria and Barcelona idolise you iconically. It would be a shame for you to become a hate figure all of a sudden because of this, please rethink about what you have done for the future until it is too late.

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