Demand Sporting Organization Stop Promoting SeaWorld

SeaWorld David R. Tribble

Target: Ted Tollner, President of San Diego Bowl Association

Goal: End San Diego Bowl Game Association’s promotion of SeaWorld.

The San Diego Bowl Game Association, which is known for putting together the Holiday Bowl and Poinsettia Bowl, is continuing its support and promotion of SeaWorld.

Thanks to the popularity of Blackfish, the public is aware of the horrors that go on behind the scenes at SeaWorld. SeaWorld’s attendance and stock have plummeted, high ranking executives, including the former CEO, have resigned, and SeaWorld has ended its breeding program.

Thirty-seven orcas have died in SeaWorld’s care, all at a relatively young age. SeaWorld is a place of abuse that should not be supported. Sign this petition and demand the San Diego Bowl Association stop promoting SeaWorld.


Dear Mr. Tollner,

The San Diego Bowl Game Association has been a supporter and promoter of SeaWorld for years. However, it is time to end your support of this place of abuse.

Thirty-seven orcas have died under the care of SeaWorld. All of these deaths have been at unnaturally young ages. The whales at SeaWorld are neglected, imprisoned, isolated and forced to do tricks for profit. Thanks to the popularity of Blackfish, a documentary about the horrors that happen at SeaWorld, the park has seen a huge drop in attendance.

People are ending their support of SeaWorld and it is time you do so as well. No animal should be abused for profit.


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Photo credit: David R. Tribble

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  1. Linda Jane O'Brien says:

    Have no idea what’s the difference between this and circuses. This idiocy must end.

  2. Janet Lynch says:

    The three species on this planet with the highest brain-to-body-weight ratios are the orca (orcinus orca), the sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) and humans (homo sapiens). All have roughly the same brain-to-body-weight ratio, which is higher than all other intelligent mammals, including dolphins, gorillas, and chimps. To capture and incarcerate innocent members of a species of equal intelligence to our own is a criminal act of enforced slavery. This cruel and destructive practice must end. Orcas, being highly intelligent social mammals, are much better observed in the wild, and humans, being highly intelligent and inventive mammals, already have many excellent means of remotely observing and enjoying orcas and other wildlife at our disposal, without capturing or incarcerating them.

  3. STOP PROMOTING SEAWORLD and its awful truths! i don’t know what we can do against this. As long mob is not aware or don’t care about the severe abuse behind the breeding/training/living conditions and “shows” it will continue like zoos and circuses

  4. Denise Baudin says:

    TED TOLLNER, President of San Diego Bowl Association:
    If you continue to PROMOTE SEAWORLD. we might have to BOYCOTT the San Diego Bowl Association.

    Are you not aware that SeaWorld is ‘FAMOUS’ for KEEPING ANIMALS IN CAPTIVITY AND ABUSING THEM????????????????????

    End San Diego Bowl Game Association’s promotion of SeaWorld.

  5. Barbara Griffith says:

    There are organizations that want to transport the whales to seaside pens that would accustom each to regular sea water along with teaching them to eat live fish. That would remove them from the chlorinated swimming pools that they are forced to live in and stop the skin problems that have to be constantly treated. If they could be put in seaside pens in the same area where their relatives were captured from they might be able to rejoin a related pod.
    The Orcas that were kidnapped from Washington’s Puget Sound might be some of the Sea Worlds oldest Orcas if there is any still living.

  6. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

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