Success: Country Club Stops Raccoon Slaughter

Raccoon Paxson Woelber

Target: Paul O’Dell, Director of Miami Springs Golf and Country Club

Goal: Thank country club for deciding to not kill raccoons as a form of animal control.

Miami Springs Golf and Country Club was planning on having an exterminator come to its grounds and kill the raccoons living there. People were concerned and spoke out for the raccoons. After the country club received calls and petitions like this one on ForceChange, it decided to end the raccoon slaughter.

Not only is killing the raccoons cruel, but it is also ineffective. When the raccoons are killed, the food supply goes up and the remaining raccoons reproduce more.

Thankfully, the country club decided to go with the more effective and compassionate choice. This is great news for animal activists and the raccoons. Sign this letter and thank Miami Springs Golf and Country Club for making this decision.


Dear Mr. O’Dell,

A large group of raccoons are living on the grounds of Miami Springs Golf and Country Club. At first, you were planning on having an exterminator come and kill all the raccoons. After public outcry, you changed your decision to a more compassionate choice.

Not only does your choice save countless lives, but it will also be more effective in handling the raccoon population on your grounds. If many of the raccoons were killed, the food supply would increase and the remaining raccoons would reproduce more.

Thank you for making the more effective and compassionate decision. Thanks to you, numerous lives will be spared.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Paxson Woelber


  1. Lawren Rudley says:

    Thank you and please continue to save animals

  2. Oh? seems we did it, thank you for the raccoons.

  3. Demetrios E. Lekkas PhD says:

    Humans are a species possessed by a senseless murderous amok, which is going to backfire soon. Letting live makes sense. Thank you for sense!

  4. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Who freaking ray!!!!! 🙂
    Signed & Shared.

  5. Avatar photo Diane Petrillo says:

    Thank you for doing the right thing

  6. Huge THANKS for having a heart!! XXX

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