Punish Japan for Killing Hundreds of Whales

japanese whaling

Target: Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon

Goal: Punish Japan for killing 333 Antarctic whales, in violation of international law.

Last week Japanese whalers returned from Antarctic waters with 333 dead Minke whales, 157 of which were pregnant, according to Vox. The International Whaling Commission ended all commercial whaling in 1982, and the International Court of Justice ordered Japan to end its whaling program in 2014. Japan has disregarded these rulings and has continued to kill whales.

Although Minke whales are not endangered, the International Whaling Commission reports that their numbers are declining. Whaling is a cruel practice, in which whales are pierced with explosive harpoons and then dragged aboard ships. The vast majority of the world looks upon Japan’s whaling program with disdain, and yet, Japan continues to slaughter whales.

Japan exploits the International Whaling Commission’s exception which allows whaling for scientific research purposes, and claims that all the whales they catch are for scientific research. However, scientists who actually study whales all agree that there is no need to kill so many whales in order to study them, and Japan has produced remarkably little research on whales.

Japan has been ordered to cease whaling, but it continues to deploy more whaling expeditions. The United Nations needs to create real consequences for Japan’s actions, otherwise Japan will never stop. Sign the petition below to end Japanese whaling.


Dear Secretary Ban Ki-Moon,

I want to encourage you to bring the issue of Japanese whaling before the United Nations, with the goal of punishing Japan for continuing to kill whales. As I am sure you know, the United Nations’ highest court ordered Japan to end its whaling program in 2014, and despite that ruling, Japan began a new whaling program which recently slaughtered 333 Minke whales in the waters surrounding Antarctica.

It is clear that the Japanese government has no regard for the international law which prohibits commercial whaling, nor do they care that the vast majority of people around the world disapprove of their practice. The United Nations must take action to prevent Japan from whaling.

The United Nations should inform Japan that if they do not stop whaling, their U.N. membership will be revoked. The U.N. should also encourage other member nations who have strong economic ties with Japan to enact sanctions until Japan ceases whaling.

Japan needs to know that their actions have consequences, and the U.N. may be the only group that can create those consequences. Please take action to stop Japanese whaling.


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Photo credit: Customs and Border Protection Service, Commonwealth of Australia

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  1. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared

  2. Bev Woodburn says:

    These Japanese monsters murdered 333 Minke Whales and 95% were pregnant. These Japanese monsters probably murdered more than what we were all made to believe.There murder of these precious Minke Whales was definitely illegal and illegal entering the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.
    Their lies of Scientific Research has been proven false and purely for GREED and CONSUMPTION.
    Australia must stand up to Japan and the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull must stop these monsters from entering the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary again, by stopping them from murdering these magnificent sentient beings, instead of turning his back and doing nothing to stop these Japanese monsters.
    The Japanese ignored the United Nations’ Rulings and the Australian Laws to stop entering the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and get away with it.
    These Japanese bastards ignore the Laws of other countries and think they can do what ever they want. They are destined for a rude awakening and hopefully soon.
    Imagine entering Japan’s waters, if the United Nations ruled that the Whales or any other sea creature were not to be slaughtered in their waters.
    These Japanese monsters would have blown the ships to pieces.
    They must be brought to Justice and banned from entering the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and suffer the severest charges that can be handed down to them.
    Absolutely sickening and unforgivable.

  3. Bev Woodburn says:

    Come on everyone Worldwide. Sign the Petitions to stop the Japanese from entering the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary again
    and ignoring the United Nations Rulings and the Australian Laws
    that state they are not allowed and it is illegal to enter the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary to murder Minke Whales or any breed of Whales.


  5. Todd Fletcher says:

    These idiots ship needs to be sunk, with all these pos on board.

  6. Celeste H. says:

    This should be an international outrage — yet countries
    — and the International WHALING COMMISSION — stand by
    and let these whales be slaughtered to near-extinction?
    It’s unjust beyond belief, not only to kill so many whales
    but 157 of them pregnant? I’m sorry, but it’s like genocide
    to me — and yet the INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE ordered
    Japan to stop killing whales, in 2014? Where is the enforce-
    ment of that law? Where is the punishment? Why did they not
    confiscate Japan’s whaling vessels, or ask Australia to send
    a few ships to help the Sea Shepherd patrol those waters?
    It’s a global disgrace, and I can’t even believe I live on
    a planet that has such little regard for its animals….If
    Japan decided to come and kill 333 American humans, there
    would be total outrage — yet nobody cares that they vio-
    late the whaling ban and go off killing in the Southern
    Ocean, where nobody but the Sea Shepherd volunteers can
    even see them….

  7. I think we need to drop another atomic bomb on their ass.. then they’ll stop..

  8. gen agustsson says:

    this is specieism and its wrongful. jail them for killing whales.

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