Stop Hunting Whales to Feed Animals in Fur Farms


Target: Elisabeth Aspaker, Minister of the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs

Goal: Stop hunting whales simply to use as feed in fur industry because of the low demand for whale meat.

Whale meat is in such low demand in Norway that it is ending up as feed for animals on fur farms, yet the cruel practice of whale hunting continues in the country. According to a new study by the Environmental Investigation Agency and the Animal Welfare Institute, more than 113 metric tons of minke whale products were bought by the largest manufacturer of feed for animals in Norway’s fur industry.

Norway is one of only three countries that still have a whaling industry, and the government has claimed the practice needs to continue because whale meat is an important food source for people. Clearly, this is not the case if so much whale meat is being used as animal feed. Consumption of whale meat in Norway has been steadily declining, and as a result the country has increased its exports to Japan despite an international ban on the trade. Yet even Japan has rejected the whale meat in the past due to high levels of toxic pesticides.

The Norwegian government can no longer defend the whaling industry by citing the need for whale meat. Evidence of the decreasing demand is clear from the amount of whale products being exported, and the new discovery of its use as animal feed for the fur industry is the final proof. Continuing whale hunts despite the obvious low demand for whale meat would be both inhumane and unnecessary. Sign the petition below to urge the Norwegian government to withdraw its support of the whaling industry in light of this new evidence and to end the harmful practice of hunting and killing minke whales.


Dear Minister Aspaker,

The Norwegian government has claimed in the past that the whaling industry is necessary because whale meat is an important food source for the country’s people. Yet new evidence has shown that whale meat is in such low demand that it is ending up in the feed manufactured for animals on fur farms. Given the decreasing demand for whale meat, it would be both cruel and unnecessary to continue hunting and killing minke whales in Norway.

According to a document released by the Environmental Investigation Agency and the Animal Welfare Institute, more than 113 metric tons of minke whale products were used by Rogaland Pelsdyrfôrlaget, the largest manufacturer of animal feed for Norway’s fur industry. There has also been an increase in the exportation of whale meat to Japan, despite an international ban.

I am urging you to withdraw your support of the whaling industry in response to this new evidence of the low demand for whale meat. Please take action to end the inhumane and unnecessary practice of whale hunting in Norway, and join the many other countries that have already outlawed the whaling industry.


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Photo Credit: Patrick Müller

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  1. janet lynch says:

    I am truly outraged to learn of these double horrific practices, which combine two outrageously cruel and unnecessary ongoing crimes against wildlife, to the great shame of Norway. Nobody needs to wear fur, a material which is procured under the most inhumane conditions conceivable, and for which many excellent substitutes are available. I personally would not be caught dead wearing fur and I could not in good conscience associate with persons who buy or sell fur products. Whales, whose very existence is gravely threatened and who are extremely intelligent mammals, must be protected from the barbaric, unnecessary, and exceedingly cruel practice of whaling. It is OUTRAGEOUS that Norway petitioned the IWC for an exception to its international whaling ban based on the false claim that its citizens need the meat, yet in fact supports killing these majestic animals only to be ground up for the equally despicable practice of inhumanely raising fur-bearing animals for unnecessary “fashion” garments. Having learned of the multi-layered crimes against wildlife and fur-bearing animals which is apparently approved of by the Norwegian government, I will not boycott all Norwegian products and tourism unless and until your country cleans up its act. Norway cannot begin to claim to be a leader in human rights and decent behaviour if it sanctions such barbarous, cruel, wasteful and unnecessary crimes against wildlife.

  2. Celeste H. says:

    If the International Whaling Committee would investigate and
    find out that Iceland does NOT need whale meat for its citi-
    zens, then they would perhaps confiscate Iceland’s whaling
    vessels or somehow make sure they are not violating the INTER-
    NATIONAL WHALING BAN — and then the second evil of fur farms
    could also be stopped for good! In this day and age, there is
    no reason why any country should be allowed to kill whales
    (Japan is another flagrant violator of the whaling ban) —
    nor should there be ANY legal reason for fur farms to exist!
    Our planet needs to set up a special international United
    Nations unit with a focus only on animal cruelty and torture
    — then crimes such as fur farms, dog and cat meat farms,
    canned lion hunting, mass whale and dolphin killing, could
    be prosecuted by a higher authority than one country’s gov-
    ernment… because if you think about it, the government of
    these countries is often allowing the cruelty to go on —
    and America is also guilty of some of these crimes, such as
    horrible fur farming, snare trapping, puppy mills, and much
    more….every time I read about this unacceptable and un-
    restricted killing of animals, I think the same thing —
    JUST FOR ANIMALS! Some people might say, that every state
    and country should be allowed to set their own laws about
    animals — but on our whole planet, the murder of humans
    is a crime in almost every state and country, and there
    are also war crimes against humanity that are investigated
    — but our world has a war against animals that needs to
    be investigated and prosecuted at a higher level, because
    some countries are violating animal cruelty laws at a
    reckless rate… and smaller committees like the Inter-
    national Whaling Committee are not solving the problems
    on a local or global level! More countries need to be
    held accountable for their animal cruelty, and SOON….
    even if there are a few animal welfare laws here and there,
    they are not being enforced well enough, if at all….

  3. make laws to end the hunts on whales to feed animals at fur farms now.

  4. Stop killing whales, close down all fur farms, stop torturing and killing innocent animals.

  5. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    Norway needs to carry on the “tradition” of whaling about as much as it needs to keep eating lutefisk the old-fashioned way; you know, preserved in lye. Time marches on, everyone. There’s no reason for any country to continue whaling.

  6. Really? This petition should be to close down the torturous fur farms!!!! This petition is condoning the torture and killing of animals for fashion but don’t kill whales to feed them. Contradictory! Neither should be allowed.

  7. You are petitioning Norway and it will do as much good as whistling in the wind. Compassion for wildlife is not a Norwegian characteristic.

  8. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

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