Make Chicago Animal Shelters Into No-Kill Facilities


Target: Ivan Capifali, Executive Director of Chicago Animal Care and Control

Goal: Adopt no-kill policies for Chicago animal shelters.

Over the past two years, the Chicago city pound has killed over 10,000 potential pets, costing Chicago taxpayers over $1 million. Pit bulls in particular stand little chance of survival; Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC) reportedly euthanizes over half of the pit bulls that come into its care.

At a recent City Council meeting, Chicago legislators Edward Burke and Ray Lopez proposed a resolution that would make euthanasia a last resort for the city’s animal shelters. The objective is to put money and resources into finding homes for the animals in question, provided they are healthy and fit for adoption.

Euthanasia is too often used as an expedient solution to the problem of overpopulation in shelters. According to Ray Lopez, Chicago spends “about one-third of what most major cities spend on animal control. It’s a social issue…. And if we’re truly serious about protecting our pets and giving them the best opportunity, we need to put our money where our mouth is.”

Considering how much it already costs to kill “surplus” animals, spending a little more money to ensure that these animals are properly cared for should be uncontroversial. Encouragingly, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has all but sponsored the initiative. “I want to look at the details of this resolution,” he said. “But anything that gets us closer to a more humane effort as it relates to dogs particularly—that’s going to be something that’s dear to my heart.”

Please lend your support to the no-kill resolution by signing the below petition urging the CACC to make euthanasia a last resort for healthy, adoptable animals.


Mr. Capifali,

It pains me to learn that thousands of healthy animals are euthanized by Chicago Animal Care and Control every year. These animals have just as much a right to their lives as you and I do, and there are plenty of people who are prepared to adopt them as pets. While it is understandable that sick animals with a diminished quality of life are put to sleep, euthanasia should not be used to manage shelter populations; doing so is inhumane.

If passed, the recent no-kill resolution introduced by Chicago aldermen Edward Burke and Ray Lopez would be a godsend for all of these innocent and loving creatures. I thereby urge you to do your part in fostering a no-kill policy for all of Chicago’s animal shelters. Pets should be protected and loved; not killed.


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  1. there is a picture of a (beautiful by the way) cat, but in the wording no one mentions cats at all..only seeming concerned with the dogs for some reason which is worrisome…would they only try to help dogs,and not all animals that come through there equally? would cats still be euthanized at the same rate?

  2. Mary Mason says:

    Born & raised in Chicago with lots of relatives in the AREA….. my opinion comes, only, from many years of animal advocating.
    Chicago has become a very dangerous area and you sure don’t want to go there, after dark.
    The murder is probably the highest in the USA. It is heartbreaking. The poverty is unbelievable, so I don’t know if that is a major problem,BUT If you can’t feed your kids… how can you feed a pet ??????
    Chicago is “GangsterLand”. You better believe those “gangstas” have pit bulls, besides the gun they carry. If the dogs aren’t bad enough they dump them … I pray before they do the VICK punishment to them. !
    Yes, I pray that the dogs in shelters in Chicago……. that aren’t RESCUED, by the right& ethical groups”………. go peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge.
    I would much rather see a dog go ,quickly & peacefully, to the Bridge than starve,be ,horribly, abused…. then suffer & die on the streets of Chicago. My family will not even take me through our old neighborhood. Southside of Chi…. 75th Place in SouthShore.SAD,,, isn’t it ? Think of the innocent animals suffering there……… they deserve better. Even if it means crossing the “Bridge” ………….Amen

  3. Spay and neuter animals, dont euthanize, find them good homes

  4. Karen Remnant says:

    All shelters should be no kill! A shelter is meant to be a place of safety!

  5. Yes beautiful cat on the picture, i support no-kill resolution, because i’ve seen a bit what these poor dogs and cats without home (especially dogs) endure it’s so sad and cruel, how they die, in japan especially, it’s not fair and terrible. These dogs and cats probably finish in food for cats and dogs also “Can’t care of an animal don’t get one” i would like that they create and “center” a protected area for stray dogs and cats. In china, they rescued more than 2000 dogs and don’t euthanize them because of the “surplus” but it’s because they like them. There it’s really not the same thing.

  6. I agree with “no kill” but realistically, someone has to SUPPORT IT financially…..its ok to write, as in the article, “spend a little money to be sure these animals are properly cared for”…but that misses the BIG problem, which is: where are these unwanted animals to go?

    There are NOT enough homes for the unwanted cats and dogs….especially not with puppy mills adding another 500,000+ new dogs to US society YEARLY; and well meaning people bringing hundreds if not thousands of dogs here from overseas!

    Most “no kill” shelters, which can pick and choose who they take in, and STILL (per law) kill up to 10% of their animals; have 200-400 animals….compare this with the 20,000 excess animals in Chicago, or the 34,000 excess animals in Miami Dade Animal shelter…..where are you going to PUT these animals; and how do finance supporting them for life?

    Local taxpayers generally don’t want to have added taxes, which is what would be the first step…..THESE things have to be overcome before we can truly talk about “no kill” big county shelters.

  7. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

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